Agenda at a glance


September 14

Opening Keynote
The Golf Economy: The impact of COVID-19 on this year and what to expect next year
Monday, Sept. 14, 11am EST
Will the golf economy boom in this uncertain future? We bring together six of the leading voices in golf — leaders in private ownership, private equity, third-party management and resorts — to discuss how COVID-19 has changed operations, ownership, acquisitions, dispositions and prognostications for golf’s future.

       Steve Ekovich, Director of National Golf Division, Leisure Investment Properties Group of Marcus & Millichap
       Jon Last, Founder & President, Sports and Leisure Research
       Peter Nanula, Chairman, Concert Golf Partners
       Prem Devadas, President, Salamander Hotels & Resorts
       Mike Ryan, Chief Operating Officer, Troon

Highest-rated Investor track session
Buy & Sell Panel
Monday, Sept. 14, 12:50pm EST
•Discover COVID-19’s impact on sales
•How buyers evaluate a course’s worth: income vs. revenue multipliers, membership liability, upside potential, more.
•Tips to help you get the best price for your course
•Anonymous Q&A: Ask golf’s most experienced experts anything

       Jeff Woolson, Managing Director, CBRE Golf & Resort Properties
       Andy Crosson, Senior Vice President, Arcis Equity Partners
       Bobby Silva, Senior Vice President of Business Development, Escalante
       Will Gustafson, Owner, Synergy Golf Partners 


High Tech Marketing
Monday, Sept. 14, 12:50pm EST
• How to leverage technology to win in your market
• Web, email, apps, social media: What’s working now
• Cutting-edge tips to maximize exposure

       Brendan McCarthy, National Director of Marketing Services, KemperSports
       Trevor Coughlan, Vice President, Marketing , Jonas Club Software

Meet the Top Buyers
Monday, Sept. 14, 2pm EST
The industry’s most active buyers share their secrets to success — what they are looking for in a course; pitfalls to avoid; Negotiation techniques. A must-attend session for anyone thinking about buying or selling.

       Randy Addison, President, Addison Law Firm
       Tom Bennison, Chief Development Officer, ClubCorp
       Randy Jones, Chief Operating Officer, C-Bons International Golf Group, Inc.
       Doug Howe, Partner, Century Golf Partners

Tech to the Rescue
Monday, Sept. 14, 2pm EST

• How to build engagement in a time of social distancing
• How COVID accelerated the technology adoption in the golf industry (out of necessity)
• How consumer behavior trends will change going forward as a result, and how our industry can be prepared

       Jason Wilson, CEO, Gallus Golf
       Jessica Lewis, Director of Web and Product Development, Billy Casper Golf
       Lynn Mangan, President, Clubessential
       Mike Cole, General Manager, The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota Members Club

Fireside Chat on Branding with David Abeles, TaylorMade Golf and David Kahan, Birkenstock
Monday, Sept. 14, 3:40pm EST
A one-of-a-kind program showcasing iconic brand champions sharing nuggets of wisdom on…
• Building a best-selling brand 
• Driving success in a crowded and ever-changing competitive landscape 
• Creating a brand voice that is authentic, emotionally connects, and reflects the brand’s culture 
• Dominating a product category  
• Choreographing a remarkable customer experience 
• Creating legions of raving fans who love and respect your brand 

       David Abeles, CEO, TaylorMade Golf
       David Kahan, CEO, Birkenstock Americas
       Moderated by Larry Gulko, Brand Strategist | Executive Coach, BRAND: NEW DAY


September 15

CEO Keynote
Business Success in Challenging Times
Tuesday, Sept. 15, 11:00am EST
Join four of the industry’s leading CEOs for a discussion on how the pandemic has impacted daily fee courses, private clubs, resorts and entertainment facilities and the strategies that are working now to maximize revenue growth and keep costs in control.

       Erik Anderson, CEO, Topgolf Entertainment Group
       David Pillsbury, CEO, ClubCorp
       Tim Schantz, CEO, Troon
       Steve Skinner, CEO, Kemper Sports

Business Strategy Workshop
Tuesday, Sept. 15, 12:50pm EST
Time to sell or buy? Develop or sell part of your land? Renovate your clubhouse or golf course? Experienced experts walk you through how to assess the best business strategy for your property, and how to understand the potential pitfalls and upsides.
Anonymous Q&A: Ask the experts

       Dallas Addison, Shareholder, Addison Law Firm
       Larry Hirsh, President, Golf Property Analysts
       Mark Mattingly, VP Business Development, Landscapes Golf Management
       Erik Peterson, Principal Architect, PHX Architecture

Club Operations during COVID-19
Tuesday, Sept. 15, 12:50pm EST

       Whitney Reid Pennel, President, RCS Hospitality Group
       David Voorhees, General Manager, Big Canyon Country Club
       Jeff DeKruif, Asst General Manager & CFO, Blackhawk Country Club
       Scott Craig, Director of Culinary Operations, Myers Park Country Club

The Great Rebound: How to Make the Most of this Opportunity
Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2pm EST
• What we need to do now that we didn’t do in the past
Tips on capturing, segmenting and exploiting customer data
• Pricing strategies and programs that will create loyalty and increase RevPar
• How to be Safe, Clean, Responsible, Fun, Family, Fitness, Forever

       Don Rea, Ower, Augusta Ranch Golf Club
       Allison George, Wizard of Fun, Toad Valley Golf Course
       Rock Lucas, Owner, Charwood Golf Club

Emerging Trends in Private Clubs
Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2pm EST
• How private clubs are evolving to stay vital during the pandemic and into the future
• Changes that top clubs are making in services, quality, and design to be more relevant
• Better understand the trends in member services, amenities, F&B and programming

       Bob Jones, Founding Principal, Ethos Club and Leisure
       Jon Davis, General Manager and COO, Northwood Club
       ​​Kirk Reese, Executive VP, Denehy Club Thinking Partners
       Henry DeLozier, Principal/Partner, Global Golf Advisors

​Water & Irrigation: New ideas and strategies
Tuesday, Sept. 15, 3:40pm EST
The industry’s leading experts will discuss how to change the paradigm of how we make watering/irrigating decisions. Get usable ideas, strategies, and learn about issues important to owners and operators who want greater control over water on their property. 
• Tangible and practical solutions for water conservation, water control efficiencies, irrigation by the numbers, storm water runoff control, ecological sustainability, and soil health
• The PLANT-SOIL-WATER continuum. The agronomic water continuum cannot be separated. Science based Management approaches’ to enhance the continuum will be presented to increase operators water usage efficiencies!
• Benchmarking principles – water management audits
• WAT3R 3 ways:  irrigation, ponds/streams, retention/drainage

       Mark Jackson, The Davey Tree Expert Company
       Jim Zwack, The Davey Tree Expert Company
       Anna Burns, The Davey Tree Expert Company
       Tyson Lamielle, The Davey Tree Expert Company


September 16

Wednesday Keynote
What Your Customers Want Now: Growing Revenue during COVID-19
Wednesday, Sept. 16, 11am EST
The pandemic has changed what customers want — both daily fee and private club members. Get the latest research and exclusive insight on how the golfer behavior has changed since the start of the pandemic. Find out how you can use this info to increase play or membership.

       Jon Last, Founder & President, Sports and Leisure Research
       Mike Loustalot, Co-founder, Sagacity Golf
       Jason Becker, Chief Executive Officer, Golf Life Navigators

Customer Service In Today’s World 
Wednesday, Sept. 16, 12:50pm EST
• 5 star service even in challenging times
• Innovative ways to push your service to a higher level

       Kris Strauss, SVP, Sales & Marketing, Troon
       Daryl Crawford, General Manager, Papago Golf Club
       Geoffrey Gray, General Manager, Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, Golf Club & Spa
       Peter Smith, Vice President, Players 1st

Programming & Events post COVID-19
Wednesday, Sept. 16, 12:50pm EST

       Whitney Reid Pennel, President, RCS Hospitality Group
       Scott Craig, Director of Culinary Operations, Myers Park Country Club
       Jeff Dekruif, Assistant General Manager & CFO, Blackhawk Country Club

Best Practices in Golf Course Operations
Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2pm EST
• What’s working today for top operators
• Proven methods for measuring success
• Quick and easy strategies to match your operational needs and staff resources

       John Easterbrook, Chief Membership Officer, PGA of America
       Amy McClean-Ragsdale, Director of Member Development, ClubProcure
       Tom Frost, VP, American Golf
       Bill Rehanek, SVP, Billy Casper Golf Management

The Modern Club: Engaged, Smarter, Profitable
Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2pm EST
• What the club of tomorrow will look like
• How clubs are using technology to be more relevant to members
• Delivering greater value to the member through innovation

       Bob Jones, Founding Principle, Ethos Club & Leisure
       Bryan Finnerty, CEO, V1 Sports
       Morgan Gonzales, Regional Operating Executive, KemperSports

Closing Keynote
Wow Factor: Innovative Ideas for your course
Wednesday, Sept. 16, 3:40pm EST
• Make golf a more meaningful experience
• Create other experiences at your course (that can be monetized or create the buzz)
• Position your facility to host events, weddings, dining and social events to create new revenues

       Kris Strauss, SVP, Sales & Marketing, Troon
       Ed Doyle, President, RealFood Hospitality Strategy and Design
       Mark Rickell, VP of Sales, Club Car

Pre-recorded Sessions

Private Clubs Solutions: A Real Estate Case Study
This is a challenging time for some private clubs. In this case study, we look at The Ranch Country Club in Denver, which ran into a series of challenges — major renovations, member loss, and financial irregularities that led to the termination of the GM and Controller. Out of that chaos, the member-owned club found a solution. The leaders will talk about their assessment of all the options.

       Peter Nanula, Concert Golf Partners
       Eric Mott, Board Treasurer, The Ranch CC 
       Eric Akerson, Board member, The Ranch CC 
       Doug Hellman, Club Consultant

What’s your story? How to tell it the right way
Storytelling is an incredibly powerful, under-rated tool. A story told the right way transports the mind to a special place. This means when you use the right story, you will have greater connection and control over influencing members and customers.
• Five necessary parts of a story to get clarity, capture attention and change minds.  
• How to incorporate the right story into all marketing and communications to persuade members, guests, boards and staff.
• The basics of Neuromarketing and science-backed brain research so you can simply understand how the body and senses respond to story.
• About your Members’ selfish gene and how to use it to your advantage.

       Laura Leszcynski, VP Marketing, Strategic Club Solutions

How to Grow your Green Fee Revenue during COVID-19
•Leverage data and technology
• Three steps to grow revenue
•Get details on booking windows, rounds mix, forecasting, pricing, and tee time marketing

       Mike Loustalot, Co-founder, Sagacity Golf
       Phil Green, Chief Operating Officer, OB Sports

Private Club Financials

       Ray Cronin, Co-founder, Club Benchmarking