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Troon Golf What they did Standardized practices, with variances for local conditions and situations, are instituted companywide. It addresses facilities management, irrigation practices, fertilizer and chemical practices, turf maintenance, equipment maintenance, construction and renovation practices, integrated pest management, clubhouse design and construction, spill prevention and underground storage tanks. The company also aligned itself with Audubon International's Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses in 2006, with the goal for all properties to eventually become either Certified or Signature properties if possible. Troon has also partnered with Australian-based ePar to implement the EMS system. The payoff While most programs are ongoing and designed to produce positive environmental results and longterm savings rather than addressing a specific issue, a number of Troon managed properties have achieved Audubon International Cooperative Sanctuary certification. A large number of properties have also converted to effluent water for irrigation. Others have implemented alternative turf grasses such as buffalo grass, fescues or paspalum to reduce water, chemical and fertilizer usage. The project As befits the world's largest golf course management company, Troon has a comprehensive and formalized Environmental Management System that is distributed, implemented and monitored at the company's approximately 200 managed properties worldwide. The document covers environmental best practices for virtually every conceivable facet of golf course construction, operation and maintenance.

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