Golf Industry Show exhibitors down 15%, buyers flat

Despite a 7 percent  decline in attendance and 21 percent drop in square footage, Golf Industry Show partners were “extremely pleased” with the recent show in San Diego, Calif.

The show, which brings together the GCSAA, NGCOA and Club Managers Association of America, saw attendance decline by 33 percent from 2008 to 2009. But Jeff Bolig, director of communications for the GCSAA, said this year’s drop was related to fewer exhibitors, and not fewer buyers.

“Given the economy and the fact West Coast draws lower attendance than east or Midwest, we are extremely pleased,” Bollig said. “The decrease in attendance from last year is totally due to exhibiting companies bringing fewer personnel.”

There were 100 fewer exhibitors than last year, and 265 fewer from two years ago. Net square footage has dropped from 300,900 in 2008 to 257,900 in 2009 to 204,300 this year.

There were an estimated 7,000 qualified buyers at the show, flat from a year ago. 

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