Golf Inc. names Best Value architects

Golf Inc. has identified its first-ever list of the “Best Value” golf course architects, with Mungeam Cornish Golf Design at the top of the list. The Massachusetts-based firm charges only $235,000, an affordable rate compared to many firms that charge more than $500,000.

The magazine requested average fees and number of recent project from all active architects in the world. It received information from 120 architects, of which, 63 provided average fee data.

The magazine’s editors then rated each architect for value, based on fee price and quality of recent work. Architects who charged more than $500,000 were not considered.

“Future new development in the United States and other more mature markets will depend upon projects that pencil out,” said Jack Crittenden, Editor In Chief of Golf Inc. “A smart financial project starts with an affordable architect. We feel it is important to highlight the architects who can help developers build more affordable golf courses.”

The complete list:

1            Mungeam Cornish Golf Design            $235,000

2            Gary Panks Associates            $400,000

3            Schmidt Curley Design            $500,000

4            Jeffrey D. Brauer/GolfScapes            $300,000

5            Ron Garl GC Design            $500,000

6            Stephen Kay-Doug Smith            $150,000

7            John Fought Design            $500,000

8            Gaunt Golf Design            $250,000

9            Raymond Hearn GC Design            $250,000

10            Dasher Golf Design Inc.            $250,000


Golf Inc’s editors that worked on the project include Scott Kauffman, Trevor Ledger, Jim Keegan and Jack Crittenden. The list will appear in the Spring issue of Golf Inc., to be out on April 12th


absolutely a ridiculous list based on who advertises in your magazine.
JackC's picture

None of these architects have advertised in more than five years.

Those figures are dumb and do not help when looking for a good architect. $250,000 what do you get for that drawings on a napkin?

Over the past 15 years, I have had the opportunity to work with courses designed by 75+ architects. I have provided products and services to courses designed by all but one of the designers listed. Their work was equal to or, in many instances, superior to courses designed by architects charging 3-5 times the fees listed. If you had any knowledge of the overall quality of course designs provided by these firms, you would know they are certainly superior to many courses designed by the so-called "big names". Were I asked to name the worst designs my firm has worked on over the past 15 years, the architects on the list would have zero entries on the list.

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