Troon joins partnership with Golfzon; virtual golf & golf entertainment make big push

Troon has entered into a partnership with Golfzon, a Korean company with the most installations in the world, but a smaller presence in the United States.

Troon will manage Golfzon’s indoor entertainment facilities, named ZSTRICT, including three locations that will open in 2022.

Troon will manage every facet of the new ZSTRICT venues, including food and beverage, project management and golf instruction. The locations, placed around New York state, will feature Golfzon premium simulator bays, as well as a full bar, seasonally updated menu, and options for golf lessons.

“According to the National Golf Foundation the number of golfers who enjoy the game at off-course venues like ZSTRICT is now almost identical to those who play on traditional courses,” said Tommy Lim, CEO of Golfzon North America. “The trend will only continue to grow and partnering with a highly respected company like Troon will expedite our expansion plans and help to bring ZSTRICT to metropolitan areas across North America.”

Troon is the latest company to join the wave of entertainment companies looking to capitalize on the popularity of these virtual golf experiences. Topgolf is the most well-known name in the space, but many other companies are making strides and coming up with their own unique spin on the idea. Flite Golf recently entered into multiple partnerships to expands its own line of entertainment.

Clarity.Golf just announced it has launched a private club services division. Clarity specializes in “providing free indoor golf consulting and in aggregating indoor golf simulators,” and is looking to expand that idea further by offering consulting services to private clubs to help them design their spaces more efficiently to account for the needs of the virtual golf experience.

“We're working with one customer now who is knocking down concrete walls in new construction to correct a design error,” said Bill Bales, Clarity.Golf founder and President. “We will absolutely always prevent these issues and can ensure the buyer gets the best design at the best price.”

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