TopGolf offers digital ball technology to courses

The company that brought Topgolf to the golf industry has introduced a new product that allows any driving range to offer the same experience to its customers.

Called Toptracer Range, the technology allows participants to track and analyze detailed information about every shot, including distance (carry and total), ball speed, launch angle, height, side deviation, landing angle, hang time and more.

Over the past decade, the Topgolf concept has helped change the golf experience. Topgolf facilities around the country have introduced the sport to new audiences by combining competition with an increased emphasis on the game’s fun and social aspects.

In 2016, Topgolf acquired Toptracer (formerly Protracer), which developed the cutting-edge technology used during PGA Tour television broadcasts to track ball flight through on-screen graphics displaying shot shape, speed, distance and trajectory.

Topgolf officials said Toptracer Range gives owners and operators looking for ways to give their properties more mass appeal, providing shorter but still fulfilling golf experiences and catering to young audiences as well as introducing the game to new golfers and attracting occasional golfers. It also can help facilities increase revenue by attracting golfers to come more often and to stay longer when they do.

Using Toptracer Range, golfers can engage in a variety of games and competitions, including closest to the pin and longest drive and play virtual golf on some of the world’s most famous courses.

For golfers looking to improve their games, Toptracer Range provides a wealth of data for practice sessions and for PGA professionals to share during lessons. 

One of the first sites to try out the new equipment was the Golf Center of Arlington in Arlington, Texas. Owner Mauricio Galante said the 10 Toptracer Range bays and increased his range’s ball revenue by almost 50 percent from the previous year. The Toptracer-equipped bays outperformed the traditional bays by 205 percent per month.

There currently are about 30 ranges using Toptracer technology.

The installation process takes 48 hours. It involves mounting cameras and 21-inch in-bay video screens. Prices of Toptracer packages are tailored to meet the size and budget restrictions of operators. 

Toptracer Range will be on display during Demo Day at the annual PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla., Jan. 23-26. 

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