Social Media Influencers of Golf

Social media influencers have transformed marketing in the golf world.
  • golf social media influencers
    golf social media influencers

The concept is simple. The influencer is seen as a “normal” person, a member of the general public, who is reviewing and discussing products and building a relationship of trust with their audience.

For those golf social media influencers with a large number of followers, it is a very lucrative career path.The golf industry has spawned an impressive list of talent, as shown below. The question that remains is whether the retention of social media golf influencers generates a positive return on investment for the sponsor.

Here's a look at who has the biggest golf social media influence as of Aug. 10, 2020:

  1. Paige Spiranac 2,800,000
  2. Lucy Robson 860,000
  3. Blair O'Neal 544,000
  4. Tania Tare 251,000
  5. Garrett Clark 242,000
  6. Elise Lobb 225,000
  7. Amanda Balionis 167,000
  8. Alexandra O'Laughlin 167,000
  9. Bryan Bros 149,000
  10.  Kenzie O'Connell 148,000
  11.  Erik Anders Lang 137,000
  12.  Sam Riggs Bozoian 133,000
  13.  Belen Mozo 100,000
  14.  McKenna Pautsch 89,600
  15.  PJ Koenig 84,700
  16.  Lee Abbamonte 67,800
  17.  Maria Orlova 64,000
  18.  Kira Dixon 53,600
  19.  Samantha Stockton 49,000
  20.  Matt Ginella 47,800
  21.  Anna Rawson 37,800
  22.  Lauren Thompson 36,000



You MUST add #manoloteachesgolf to your hot list of golf influencers!! He’s a legend! He’s hilarious and his maniacs absolutely love him.

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