Presenting the Investor Track for the 2021 Golf Inc. Summit

We’re only a couple of weeks away from the 2021 Golf Inc. Summit. We’ve already shared what’s in store for the public track, so here’s what the investor track can look forward to Oct. 26-28 at the La Quinta Resort in California.

Learning from the past year: how to leverage the surge

  • Current research from the ongoing Back to Normal Barometer, to inform facility operators and golf marketers on the latest golfer behaviors, attitudes and expectations post COVID.
  • A panel of industry experts will reflect on their direct experiences, observations and best practices to nurture and leverage pandemic driven surges in participation
  • Insight into what lies ahead for the industry amidst growing economic headwinds and heightened competition from other leisure sectors

Jonathan Last, Founder & President, Sports and Leisure Research

Larry Hirsh, President, Golf Property Analysts

Ron Stepanek, Business Dev. Executive, BrightView Golf Maintenance

Real estate strategies for private clubs

  • A look into The Ranch CC’s Master Plan Saga and how we overcame the many roadblocks towards renovation.
  • How recapitalizing the Club in 2020 paid for the next round of $1+ million in capital projects.
  • A future of growth and prosperity: over 100 new members and the member bills reduced by 15% and more.

Peter Nanula, CEO and Chairman, Concert Golf Partners

Eric Mott, Board Treasurer, The Ranch Country Club

Eric Ackerson, Board Member, The Ranch Country Club

Navigating the effects of droughts

  • More than 90% of the West is experiencing drought conditions with July 2021 being declared the hottest month on Earth ever
  • Drought discussion for golf courses facing water supply issues.
  • What are current restrictions? And what golf courses can do to weather the present drought and prepare for the inevitable next one.

Bradley Herrema, Shareholder, Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber, Schreck

Dave Loomis, Vice President, Poppy Bank

Cole Thompson, Assistant Director, Green Section Research

Buy & sell: market assessment 2021

  • Valuations Post-COVID
  • The unique selling proposition for private equity clubs
  • Financing & benchmarks Post-COVID
  • What buyers need to know about redevelopment

Jeff Woolson, Exec. VP, CBRE Golf & Resort Properties

Bobby Silva, Sr. VP, Escalante Golf

Andy Crosson, Exec. VP, Arcis Equity Partners

Jimmy Han, Principal, Century Golf

Meet the top buyers

  • Has COVID Changed the Buy/Sell Market and who are the current buyers and sellers?
  • New elements Buyers are looking for in a Club
  • Critical secrets to successful Acquisitions
  • Current Assessment and Valuation Methods
  • Creation of new Value by Reposition of Assets

Randolph D. Addison, Partner, Addison Law

Tom Bennison, Chief Development Officer, ClubCorp

Randy Jones, COO, C-Bons Golf International

Doug Howe, COO, Century Golf Partners

An owner’s perspective on what’s next

  • Market Pricing:  Menus, Tee Times and Wages
  • Deferred Maintenance, Not just things, but also Relationships
  • Decommoditize your Value Equation
  • Become Your Own Funnel

Don Rea, Owner/Operator, Augusta Ranch Golf Club

Tony Martinez, Board of Director, PGA

Cathy Harbin, President and CEO,  On Course Operations

Ty Martinez, Associate, PGA

What innovations will define the next generation of courses?

  • The art of creating golf experiences - From the clubhouse to the playing field itself
  • Perspectives of a clubhouse architect, golf architect, and range/entertainment consultant
  • Addressing tough questions on labor, resources, and the entertainment value

Forrest Richardson, Principal, Richardson | Danner Golf Course Architects

Erik Peterson, President, PHX Architecture

Ken Alperstein, Golfcourse and Landscape Architect, Pinnacle Design Company

Ted Simons, Founder/Chief Developments Officer, Synergy Group Consulting

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