Microbrewery hops into GlenOaks Country Club

  • Image: Oldham Brewery Facebook page

Drinking a beer on the golf course is nothing new, but what about a microbrewery? GlenOaks Country Club in Prospect, Ky., had a spare back room that wasn’t being used, and the brewery’s founders thought it would be the perfect place to launch their business.

Jon Fee, co-owner of Oldham Brewing Co., was faced with delays getting the brewery going, but decided that the 400-square-foot area in the back of the country club was a great way to get things up and running. Oldham Brewing will serve as the distributor, while GlenOaks employees will serve the guests.

Oldham Brewing on the 9th hole

Currently featuring three brews on tap, the brewery plans to have a rotation of seven beers on tap at all times. The current beers, Nooner Citrus Wheat, Tropic(al) Thunder Hazy Pale, and Horsepeople of the Hopocalypse, were all devised by Fee, who began brewing while in law school. He and his two partners, Brad Conrad and Steve Cayton, are volunteer firefighters, and their approach to beer is to reduce the hoppiness and dial up the sweetness to appeal more to non-craft-beer drinkers.

The brewery has a patio that overlooks the 9th green, the perfect spot to catch golfers finishing up a short day or those looking for refreshment before hitting the back nine. Long-term plans for the brewery include a stand-alone location.

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