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EDITOR'S NOTE: Updated with new quotes from LGM President Tom Everett.

Landscapes Golf Management has been making news lately with a handful of key developments, bolstering their position as one of the 10 largest golf course operators in the country.

"Bigger does not always mean better," says LGM president Tom Everett. "I think it's just a combination of our dedicated resources, our culture first mentality, our unique technology stack, and our creative programming that we're implementing. I think just a few of those things enable us to compete really well." 

In September, the company expanded its existing partnership with Swing King, which operates a fully automated hole-in-one contest at golf courses, country clubs and resorts. The partnership will expand to include more than 30 of LGM’s properties nationwide.

The golf management company then teamed up with 59club USA over the summer and by fall had seen the fruit of that relationship. 59club USA offers satisfaction surveys, mystery shopping and employee training at 20 of LGM’s daily-fee and private properties. The datapoints gathered from these activities have helped LGM to fine tune the experience of going to their properties.

In November, the company was selected to operate the River Run Country Club in Davidson, N.C. River Run features an 18-hole championship golf course as well as event spaces and a sports campus. LGM will be in charge of every facet of the operation, including sales, marketing, staffing, merchandising and more.

Tom Everett

LGM has made a career out of being the strong, silent type. Founded in 2007 as an outgrowth of Landscapes Unlimited, a golf course developer and construction company, the company has slowly expanded ever since. It's portfolio spans 20 states, 54 properties and features a number of regional offices.

"When we're in the boardroom, we're able to talk about our executive leadership being engaged instead of just being a number in a much larger portfolio," Everett says.

One of most impressive things about Landscapes Golf is the thought put into how they leverage technology to help their customers and improve the overall experience for everyone.

"Technology is something that has been really important to us," Everett says. "Historically, the [golf] industry is known as a very late adopter of technology, and so we embraced that early on and our technology stack really boils down to a number of different strategies whereby we're pulling as much data as we have available to us into a consumable dashboard."

LGM touts its family-owned nature as one of the main reasons for its success. Not being subject to third-party constraints opens many doors in how the company can deal with its clients.

“Our teams take relationship building extremely seriously and smart training is critical,” Everett says  “After all, we recognize that it doesn’t cost us one extra dollar to provide warm hospitality to every golfer, member and guest at our properties. Conversely, we understand how detrimental only one instance of poor service can be.”


Proud to be working with Tom Everett, Mike Williams and the entire LGM Team! Best, Mike Kelly - 59club USA

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