Golf Inc. Summit 2021 special USGA session details

This year’s Golf Inc. Summit will feature a special session from The United States Golf Association aimed to help course owners facilitate a better golfing experience for their customers. David Pierce, the director of research - Green Section at the USGA, will lead the session, along with Hunki Yun, Director Business Development, USGA, and Chris Detoro, Assistant Director, Brand & Customer Marketing, USGA. Titled Maximizing the Golfer Experience, the session will discuss such topics as:

  • Research on all aspects of the golf experience and playing experience: Appropriate tees, penalty areas and rough maintenance practices
  • How the golfer experience can drive greater enjoyment and participation
  • The overall experience on the golfer, the future of the golfer experience and how facilities can make these improvements to drive revenue

“The USGA has been studying the fundamentals of golfer experience over the last several years in order to identify pathways to improve golfer satisfaction leading to increased golfer retention,” Pierce said. “Golfer retention has emerged as a key industry health initiative, especially in the Covid-19 period, that all facilities can benefit from. This panel will provide an overview of the USGA’s support for golf facilities. After the overview, we will interactively present results from research completed in 2021. This research focused on a new way to categorize facilities based on the services provided. This new framework was then used to study engagement with golfers and the resulting satisfaction levels currently delivered. Finally, practical examples will be described to show how golf facilities can improve aspects (touchpoints) of their operation targeting improved overall golfer satisfaction.”

If you haven’t registered for the summit yet, there’s still time! Go to and follow the instructions.

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