Concert Golf Partners acquires Glen Oaks Country Club

Concert Golf Partners acquired Glen Oaks Country Club in Des Moines, Iowa. While the private club aggregator has acquired more than 20 courses since 2011, this is one of the few that has not been member-owned.

Three prominent Des Moines families, including one of the developers, have owned the club since 2010. Glen Oaks encompasses a gated community, and the country club features an aquatics center, fitness center, and “an elegant dining experience.”

“We didn’t intend to get rich off the club; we wanted to keep it afloat and help preserve home values in the neighborhood,” said Mark Oman, one of the three owners of the club. “We believe Concert Golf provides a longer-term and more secure future for Glen Oaks than we could provide.”

Glen Oaks has had something of a tumultuous history. The course was developed in the early 1990s based on a Tom Fazio design. Club members took ownership, but struggled to meet the financial obligations. A management company took over for a time, but it became apparent that their techniques and goals did not align with those of the members, so the contract was terminated and ownership reverted back to Glen Oaks. At that point, the Pulver, Oman, and Pearson families came in and acquired the club in 2010, rescuing it from foreclosure.

The families began a multi-million-dollar renovation of the clubhouse and eventually promoted head chef Jeff Strahl to general manager and CEO. More renovations and additions soon followed, such as the swimming pool complex, golf course renovation, rebuilding a dam, and making new paths for the golf carts.

“It is rare to see the leaders of a club community step up with capital and selflessness to rescue their club and do such a wonderful job,” said Peter Nanula, CEO of Concert Golf. “Glen Oaks is in great shape and our objective is to continue to invest and improve the member experience. Glen Oaks CC is a case study in how to transition a top club from its original development to a secure long-term future.”

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