Casa Verde Golf says its new Agronomics Solutions Division will help courses get vital tasks done and save money

  • Casa Verde Golf's Agronomics Solutions Division is helping courses get vital tasks done by saving money

Casa Verde Golf launched a new Agronomic Solutions Division earlier this year. The company based in Scottsdale, Ariz., is already an industry-leader in golf course construction and renovation but is now also focusing on agronomic projects and enhancements too. 

“We are seeing a growing need to assist golf course owners, general managers and superintendents with these specialty tasks and projects,” said Luke Beardmore, Senior Vice President of Agronomy & Construction for Casa Verde Golf, and its parent company OB Sports.  

The Agronomic Solutions offered by Casa Verde Golf are designed to fulfill today’s best practices in turf management, while allowing golf course maintenance teams to stay focused on fundamental maintenance practices without abandoning one for the other.

“In the new COVID era, with golf course maintenance teams becoming more resource-strapped, daily maintenance and course conditioning need to be their number-one priority. Our team can be there to support their efforts by executing many time-consuming, but vital tasks,” Beardmore said. “The trend of outsourcing agronomic projects is becoming more commonplace across the industry. We are pleased to be able to offer these critical services to the industry as a whole.”

Casa Verde Golf’s Agronomic Solutions Division is being led by Ken Yates. Yates assists golf properties in facilitating necessary work, while allowing their agronomy teams to remain focused on the required daily maintenance.

In addition to project planning and oversight, Casa Verde Golf brings in all the necessary equipment to complete the job.

“We recognize that budgets, personnel and experience can be major limitations right now,” Beardmore said. “We can be the partner that helps golf courses be successful in all areas of maintenance and conditioning.”

Casa Verde Golf is part of Troon’s family of brands. It is focused on delivering the highest level of service in the golf construction industry. With a proven track record, Casa Verde Golf’s recent work includes numerous projects spanning the country with a concentration in the southwest region. 

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