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There is a saying that goes: "people do not care how much you know until they know how much you care."  That is never as true as it is in the workplace.  Employees (I will call them that here, but I usually just call them people) are hired to do a specific function or role.  In our business, they probably have a college education, or are on their way to one.  They come to you looking to earn a paycheck, maybe start a career in the game or in F & B.  Most of all I bet they are excited.  There are two great days for employees, the day you make that call to invite them to join you, and then their first day on the job.  Both game-changers in a life.  There is no doubt they are probably stoked, happy to be at the club, and fired up to learn and do the work you hired them to do.  Now I ask you: are you stoked, excited, happy to see them become part of your team, or do you hand them off to an employee to show them the "ropes", and teach them about the position?  If you do, I ask you to change that plan.  I ask you to create an amazing 1st day for your new employee.  Do that each and every time.  I can assure you that it will pay dividends beginning that 1st day, and down the road as well.  This post is about service, not service to the customer paying for golf and other things, but service to your employees.  Here are 5 thoughts about building a quality team for the long term:

  1. Create a unique, memorable experience from the job ad right through their 1st day
  2. Take personal charge of the new employees' induction into the organization
  3. Treat them as special as they are feeling on that first day.  There is great fuel in a 1st day attitude.  Never let anyone burn it out
  4. As you serve your employees well, you are showing them exactly the respect, honor, and humility you want them to show the customer
  5. Have a very specific first 100 day program for each new employee.  Teach them your expections, the job standards, the do's & don'ts as well as where the "flag poles" are, so people understand the guidelines

Most people come into the golf business very excited about their job, their new role, and the facility.  Be sure to use that energy to benefit that employee, the club and the rest of the team.  Work to continue to treat employees with that 1st day attitude as long as you can.  People treated well will pass it along.  People treated poorly will..........  Remember that people join organizations, but quit on people, generally their immediate supervisor.  No matter how many managers or layers you have, conduct the final hire and the 1st day program yourself.  Watch the joy and excitement.  That is what you want to see every day from everyone.  Take an image of that joy, and never forget it.......never!


Jack Dillon is the author of the highfives blog.  Jack is a consultant, an experienced manager, and long time speaker on service, the golf shop, and operations.  Jack would love to speak at your next team meeting because he can make your company better.  Jack lives in Orlando.  Call Jack at 407-973-6136.


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