Why you need to Always Be Recruiting

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Over the past several months, I’ve read an article on a robot-making pizza, and have seen a story about a coffee shop “manned” by robots. This AI thing is really taking shape: or is it? Look, we realize golf is the ultimate service industry. From the private club to the resort: from the restaurant to the golf shop, it is about people serving people. Although we will continue to hear more about AI every day, the key to our business today is to serve with excellence and a smile with people both young and not-so young. The thing about people today is they are sometimes restless. They may think the grass is greener at the club or restaurant down the road.  How can you build a strong team of people that wants to stay a part of your team?

I am here to tell you that you cannot totally protect yourself. You can do several things that can help retain your stronger people, but change is part of the program, no matter the property. One of the critical ways to keep service at higher levels is by always recruiting. People will come and go. Some will quit, while others will need to be terminated. I do not subscribe to the current business philosophy that business is like a family. It is more like a sports team, where diverse talent comes together. You are hiring people to provide a service. There is a club to operate, and you are making decisions daily to operate that business successfully. The idea of always recruiting means you can be proactive in managing the club.  Here are 5 thoughts about hiring and retention:

1)    Assess your team in every position. When there is an issue, take time to talk to the staff involved. Be a coach when needed. Provide a mentor when needed.

2)    Allow people to fill out applications anytime, even when there are zero openings. If strong candidates are available, you will want to know them.

3)    Pay and support your “A” people well. Be concerned about your people, and coach up your people. Reread No. 1.

4)    Take the time to talk to applicants. Even if you do not decide to hire them today, there may be a real need in the future. Take the time to leave a positive impression with all applicants.

5)    Set up a secret shopper program. Your intention should be to reward the strong team members as you seek out areas for improvement.

6)    *(bonus) Your club is about sales (in every department), as well as executing a strong service strategy. You want skill players to provide the results you need, so always be recruiting!


Jack Dillon writes the highfives series.  Jack is a speaker/presenter who has been in the golf industry for 45 years.  He likes to speak and to coach.  He can help your team with his at-once improvement strategy.  Call Jack at 407-973-6136.  He lives in Orlando.

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