Why Training matters

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Building your business year after year is what you want to do with your property. Adding new members, retaining current members, and building the revenue in all departments, I am sure is on your hit listthis year, as it will be for every year that follows. Although we talk a lot about service in these highfives posts, I believe it is time to move the conversation to a different level.  Let’s go for grand hospitality….. because words matter.  Members love to be pampered, to have specific wants and desires fulfilled. Creating these new loftier goals is far better than just getting the member group out at 8:32, on time every Saturday morning.  Hospitality is more personable.  It feels better, larger than just providing solid service.  In order to build to new standards, you need the right people for this new level of execution, and these people need a solid training program.  

Hiring the strongest team members that can fit into the budget is critical to building a strong reputation.  After you have secured a solid staff, you need a training program worthy of your goals, and the people who have been tasked to drive hospitality at your club.  None of this is easy, and it takes time……plus developing people and therefore a team is an ongoing program.  Training (and then subsequent reminding) should be on the to-do list every week forever. Embrace the notion, and then create a development group from within your team to own and help with the process. Here are 5 thoughts on why training matters:

1) The right training program creates a consistent direction for your staff to follow

2) It sets the vision for every staff member.  This is most valuable for people just getting into the world of the golf property.  Providing the specific learning you want exposed to your club has tremendous meaning and long-term value

3) The staff members feel good about being trained. They see that you and your leadership care about their place on the team.  Trained, happy people will help drive the hospitality you want to see

4) Create several role play situations at each training session.  First ask for real life situations before any meeting that have occurred on the course, in the shop, on the phone, and in the restaurant.  Improving on real-life eventswill enable staff to know how to do it better next time.  This direction also gets the staff needed feedback, minus embarrassment, a real key for longevity

5) Create awards for: graduation of a training program, hospitality excellence cards (with redeemable rewards), and team hospitality awards where a staff member awards an excellence card to another staffer for a strong act of hospitality or kindness.  We always want to “catch people doing something right” says management guru extraordinaire *Mr. Tom Peters. 

Training is an important part of a successful business. In my mind, it holds an even loftier place for us because golf is all about hospitality, and doing things extraordinarily well.  A training program takes time, it takes deep thought, and it takes tweaking over time. Creating a staff that has caring, empathy, and confidence is an amazing fete, and you can do it.  It begins with a willing staff, and a solid plan.  No matter how long you plan to keep people on the team, every person should be trained.  Anyone coming in contact with members and guests must have the knowledge and confidence to “act as an owner, providing a grand experience.  Thank you. 

 Jack Dillon is the author of the highfives series.  Jack has been in golf since 1973. He is an expert on operations, the golf shop, and hospitality.  Reach Jack at 407-973-6136.  He lives in Orlando.

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