Where are your signs?

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Yes, the Great Resignation runs on and on. It continues to be the struggle of a lifetime just to hire servers, and maybe even a starter. The world of work and workers is not yet seeing clear, blue skies. When you have fewer people doing more things, their mission is simple: just keep up, maybe smile at every 4th golfer, trying then to pick up the phone before the 5th ring. Because staff members are so busy, their opportunity to talk about the amenities beyond the course falls away. Think about it: Many properties execute great weddings, business meetings, club meetings, birthday parties, and other functions that bring in essential dollars with high margin. The catch is guests cannot talk about these opportunities because they don’t know they exist.

Even when the Great Resignation burns away, there will be a need for educational signs and images about those things you do. If there is one person in the golf shop and the phone keeps ringing, they will likely not be able to speak with the golfer about these great event options. Today’s thoughts are about telling stories, and painting pictures with words and images:

1)      Create signs that are short and specific: Whether outside the clubhouse, in the restaurant or golf shop, create colorful signs with few words, large font, and a simple call to action. Signs create interest, conversation and sales. Whether it is today’s special or something else you want to promote, use well positioned signs to help the staff.

2)      Allow images to tell great stories: Build a catalogue of images for the rooms you rent, the services you provide, and the great events from the past. Build stars out of your team members and the menu of options. Showpeople what you do and how you do it. Happy faces work.

3)      Target the audience: From the Boomers who may have trouble reading to your frequent golfers who have never attended a property event beyond the 18th hole to the mom who never knew your team can create a great anniversary or birthday experience, target the people you want to sell. There are birthdays to celebrate every day, anniversaries galore, and local clubs (including Rotary and Toastmasters) looking for venues after COVID. There are opportunities to sell, but there may be a gap in the potential connection because people do not know, and your people do not have the time.

Signs can sell your story.Posters with great representative images of your special events will pique interest and create conversation. First, do the homework within your community to compare venues, pricing, and availability. I learned recently that wedding reception venues are tough to book right now in many areas. It seems people are not only playing golf, but they are rushing to get married. With dates to book halls now extremely long, couples are often compromising from their dream date to next available. Think about a combination of signs, posters, and other point-of-interest images that will clue your golfers into knowing more about your offerings beyond the course. Also, use social media to create videos and images to tell all about your bigger picture. People will stop and look when it is in their interest. Create great stories about your great stories. Experiences are important. Why not invite more guests to the party?


Jack Dillon writes the In My Opinion series. He is a speaker and author. Jack is an expert in service excellence, golf shop success and building a confident team, focusing on communication.  Connect with Jack at: jackd@careerdividends.com. or call Jack at: 407-973-6136.

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