"What is Your Theme Music?"

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Good day!  Welcome to the High Fives.

Maybe you have seen the new morning show on the Golf Channel; "Morning Drive", designed to build better energy for their broadcast day.  The two hosts allow each guest to have their own entrance music as they arrive on set.  That idea got me thinking about your business.  If you had theme music to describe your operation, what might it be?  Energy is so vital to a business.  Consumers want to associate with a business that knows the score, treats them as a special individual, and creates excitement every business day.  Does that describe your operation?

People want a club to fit their aspirations.  Today, they have no interest in spending money at the "One Size Fits All GC."  Make it fun, interesting, and unique.  Most importantly, make it for them, your paying customer.  What makes for a great club operation?  People, it is the people who get it.  A staff that smiles, has fun and loves to serve will make your business thrive.  Hire great, stay out of their way, and watch the fun and dollars flow!  The right people cannot wait to get on set with their theme music and create a great day of golf and fun.

My effort today is to get you to spend more time thinking about your people.  Do you have the right team that fits your business or are you trying to make them fit?  In our industry, I believe it is vital to have the right attitudes, to have the attitude in the proper seat, and to encourage and recognize all for their successes and near successes.....Catch people doing something almost right!  If your team is not set up to win, it is not their fault.  Embrace your people each day, get out of your office and feel their energy.  Tell them about your dreams and goals for the business.  They will work harder for you providing they are the right team members.  In addition, always be on the lookout for your next staffer, no matter where you are, as they generally do not walk through your door.  Listen for the music!  Feel the energy.

Which music type describes your club;

1) Hard Rock; a business in chaos

2) Smooth Jazz; a very consistent operation but missing high energy

3) R & B; Cool music that gets the blood and energy higher

4) Country; a down to earth feel with a warm sense in every smile

5) Opera; Charged; but way too high tone for 18 and a beer

As you develop your Day Planner, think about the tone of your business.  What will your golfers feel and hear today?



When I was in high school and college, I would always play "Eye of the Tiger" before I teed off. I am a HUGE Tiger Woods fan, and it always just seemed so fitting. It also helped get me pumped up t play. I still listen to that song quite a bit, and am still Tiger's biggest fan. So I would have to say that is MY theme song!

Jack, you are so right about the music. Before I got into the golf awards business I was in radio for over 20 years. I could walk into a radio station and tell instantly if it was successful or just average based on the music, or lack there of, on the pa system. It is the same for clubs, but make sure the music fits the members - country may or may not be right even in Texas.
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Guys, Thank you for your comments. Music is so important to most of us. The right music puts us in all of the right moods; music not right for a situation will put us in a mood where we really want to keep the chit-chat, and the wallet under wraps. The music I also had in mind is the ENERGY, the club sends out as one attempts to engage in this thing we call golf. Thank you for reading.

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