What Women (Don't) Want

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I am here to take on this sensitive issue, but for only for golf.  Golf continues to lament about less rounds, fewer golfers, and higher costs.  Although I am no lady, I have done research and I have a few thoughts to discuss.  As the title implies, I will address both sides of the want list.

Women want to play.  They want to play with their girfriends, their husbands, and their professional networks.  Have we as an industry set the proper table in order to welcome their interest?  I do not see it.  This is not the 60's where women accounted for less than 5% of the household income.  Today that number is 42% and growing.  It is time to view and receive this opportunity with eyes wide open.  Know however, they need something more important than a good grip, a great driver, or a nice golf bag.  They need respect, specific knowledge, and comfort.  These three values are not part of any golf lesson.  Here are my 5 thoughts from each side of the aisle.  Think about them as you prepare for the season.

What Women Don't Care About;

1) they do not care about the CC's in their driver

2) they do not care about the speed of your greens today

3) they do not care who is on the beverage cart

4) they do not care about the golf ball sale in the shop

5) they do not care about the after round beer special

What Women Want;

To build a friendly business for women, especially new players, here are 5 to do's

1) women first want respect and equal treatment

2) they want a clean facility.  Strive for perfection, starting with the clubhouse and on-course restrooms.  This is huge

3) they want to know what you know.  As an industry we assume too much.  Fear, I believe cost this industry millions of dollars in lost revenue each year.  Have a designated "nice person" at your course as the working expert on the ground to direct women and to answer every question, as well as provide instruction in areas such as golf cart operations.  Throwing a cart key at a stressed woman is a one time act

4) food designed for all women to embrace and enjoy

5) Comfort I contend is the most important word in golf.  If women are unsure and afraid of your surroundings, they will nail themselves to their couch forever.  Job #1 is to breakdown the fear your team does not see.

Know that women want to play.  To build a friendly experience create a "starters list" from the parking lot through the 18th green and add the FUN.  Ask many question, create a great invitation.



Totally agree with clean facility. Lady golfers also want good service and friendly, experienced staff that they can trust. From experience, women enjoy the social aspect of golf, having other females that they can play golf with, especially those new to the game. Club Pros - get going with those ladies tuition evenings/clinics and increase this side of your membership!

Jack, Thank you for your insight and looking at what women want and don't want. I believe the EWGA www.ewga.com is an excellent avenue for women to get engaged in golf. New or experienced check out www.ewga.com and the chapters across the US and abroad.

Regarding Mr. Dillon's list of "What Women Don't Want" I wish to disagree with #'s 2 and 4. Indeed, there are many women who care about the speed of the greens, as well as a sale on golf balls in the proshop. Granted, a sale of women's golf attire may be more interesting, but we still buy golf balls! Not all of us play with the crocks that are found in ponds or deep in the rough! And I am strongly interested in clubs that perform well for my game and that fit my swing and statue, not some pink, green or purple clubs with shafts that are like a wet noodle, with flowers or butterflies that are suppose to attract women golfers. There are numbers of quite capable women golfers around who will buy good equipment that matches their games. It would also be a good idea for course designers to keep this in mind.

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