Welcome to this new game called golf

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It is safe to say the game is growing and moving in very unique ways. Different, yes, as just three years ago, courses were creeping slowly forward, waiting for the next Tiger to come along. Instead, we have a combination of things pushing the game and the people in it forward to an exciting yet uncomfortable place, a place the game and golf operations people are seeing for the first time.

Traditional driving ranges are now moving aside for the amazing new off-course entertainment centers, where golf is only part of the fun. In addition, hundreds of thousands of new juniors and women are now into golf, and they will not play as singles. There is also a great outreach to bring people of color into the game, not only as participants, but as staff members within the many industry opportunities. This is all great stuff that I believe will result in strong, long-term growth for your rounds, your sales, and the business at large. With new players joining and the millions of dormant golfers coming back, the game has enjoyed an amazing period during these, the worst of times.

With growth there is always opportunity. Moving away from the traditional ideas about player development, here are three ideas that I believe are opportunities to add revenue, rounds, and loyalty at your property:

  1. These new golfers are hungry to learn. They want to be able to learn the game properly, play with a bit of confidence and be able to hangwith their golfing friends during the round. It is important to build programs that fit the new mindset, the young players, and all who have brought their passion to your door.
  2. They want to learn about equipment. Whether your property does full club fittings or not, it is important to embrace the curiosity and interest of your new customers. Have people on your team who can talk the talk about golf clubs. Being the local expert on the game will drive more loyalty and more rounds.
  3. Embrace technology. With so many young people now a part of the game, the days of quiet walks and fairway yardage markers are quickly coming to an end. From digital tee times to GPS and music in the carts to ordering food through the phone, it is time to fast-forward your property to this new golden age for golf. Digital has won!

The game is hot. To work, preserve, and grow the interest, I believe it is essential to understand these golfers, embrace their new attitudes, and work to be their expert and partner in this, their new sport. I have learned over time that when I do more for people and make it easier for them to do business, they generally do. Make 2022 the year your property embraces education, equipment, technology, and being the leader in information. 

Jack Dillon writes the new In My Opinion series. He has been in the game since 1973. Now part of Career Dividends, Jack can help your shop grow, and your team communicate as never before. Jack is a merchant, expert in service, operations, communications, and content. Reach out to learn more at:407-973-6136, or at jackd@careerdividends.com. Jack lives in Orlando and on Zoom.

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