Tis the season to look deeper

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Look beyond the budget to make improvements.

At this time of year, while most people are shopping and getting ready for the holiday season, you are preparing to close one year, while planning another. You have a budget for the current year, and now it is almost time to examine the entire scorecard: checking the highs, the lows, the birdies & bogies. At the same time, you are preparing a plan and a budget for next year. Being on point with a smart budget helps ownership, staff, and yes even the golfers in the new year. Hitting manageable targets enables you to maintain service levels, while allowing the important maintenance projects to take place. In addition, this time of year provides the opportunity to review areas beyond the budget, that when improved, will help you and the team maximize sales and service.

As we come close to year end, this highfives post offers you a look at these other areas of the business that once improved, can help create a solid organization for the long term. Here are the highfives beyond the budget:

1. Review every staff member. Determine the proper staffing level in order to hit the next budget. Meet with each staff, not only to do a “performance review” but to coach them up, learn their fears, and determine what they need to improve.

2. After you have met with every staff member, do a compensation review. In a world where jobs outnumber talent, be sure the numbers work for the staff & club and be sure to create offers that will attract the people you need to grow.

3. Spend considerable time reviewing the sales process, the sales people, and the effort to create new business. Sales is the engine for any business. Attracting new clients, while retaining the current mix is essential. Go through every detail of the sales process, looking to determine where & how the department can improve. Work on process and execution.

4. Marketing is important but more fragmented than ever. Great marketing takes time, money, skill, and solid distribution. Allocate the right time and people to its execution. It also takes variety. Look at your internal marketing (presentation), social media marketing, and your outboundmarketing. Is the marketing cohesive and tight, providing a consistent message that will result in new business, new clients and strong traffic?

5. Hospitality is that piece that must be just as in place as a strong budget, great team, solid programs. Extraordinary hospitality will showcase your property as unique in the market. Work with diligence to create this extraordinary care and attention. At the same time, service should always be personal, fitting the expectations of most.

No matter where your property is on the map, this is a very busy time of year. As you go through all of the steps to end one year while planning the next, give more than an ample amount of time to your people. When they feel good about you, their role, and your commitment to them, you can feel much better about next year.

Jack Dillon is an Orlando-based writer of the highfives series and is a speaker and an expert in hospitality, merchandise and people coaching. He has been in this industry for more than 45 years. Contact him at 407-973-6136.

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