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Over a long career I have worked for 11 employers.  Although this sounds like a lot of organizations and it is, I had expected each position to last, well to last a lifetime.  Work is a thing that has many faces and stages.  In the beginning we need a job.  Once we grow a few skills and lots of experience we want better jobs, that pay more and offer us lots of perks.  We also want to be with smart, healthy employers who have the talent and financial abililty to weather the incredible storms that can make us scared and feel very small at almost any time.  But in my time, I never took a short term view on any opportunity.  Today it seems short term is the status of the day, and it need not be.

  Today it seems organizations and managers look at hiring in several different ways.  One common theme however, is that most managers expect short term stays out of every new staff member, at every level, no matter the level or position.  I argue that we need to look at every position at every level as a long term opportunity.  I believe hiring is tough, and finding stars, even tougher.  A star however is worth having, paying, and keeping.  Why?  Because each star not only does more in their role.....they bring more to their role.  They create real team spirit.  They help build a better group of staffers.  Instead of taking a short term approach, managers should I believe, build a program that encourages better, provides better, and trains for the long term success of the employee and the company.  Here are 5 thoughts to hiring and managing for the long term:

  1. Spend lots of time recruiting.  Always have a folder of solid candidates available for the changes that occur
  2. Build a development program that shows the employee that have real worth to the company.  Create a path that moves each person around, providing versatile skills training
  3. Sit down quarterly with every staff member, assessing where they are, providing honest feedback and the proper challenges moving forward
  4. It is important to know you are building a professional team, not a family.  Assess the team and every staffer on a regular basis.  Is the team solid at every position?
  5. Make sure your best people know they are valued for their skills and talents.  Make longer term employment the norm and not the exception.  Continue to recognize top results, showing the staff members they matter.  Create a great operation, and good people will crave working for you
  6. (Bonus) When you meet with the team members on a regular basis, make sure you each lay out how things are.  Surprises should only happen at a birthday party, and not when it comes to growing a successful company.  Be open at every meeting.

People join companies, but they leave a manager.  Be certain you know the temperature of the room with every member of the team.  It costs a lot of money to lose stars and then try to recruit new ones.  Too much money!


Jack Dillon writes the highfives series.  As an expert on the golf shop, golf operations, and player development Jack is available to speak with your team or organization.  Contact Jack at 407-973-6136 or at  Thank you.

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