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Jack Dillon thanks his readers for ten years of the highfives blog and staying connected through the pandemic.

We really do not have to spend a great deal of time here rehashing the year, or what it has meant to the world, the family, the individual or our industry. No doubt however, it is fair to use that old quote: “these were the best of times (golf), these were the worst of times.” The latest number I have read is that our industry will have played 50 million more rounds than in 2019. And this is after the worst spring for golf since they have recorded spring golf rounds. Once we begin to jot down 2021, no one will want to look back in their rear view mirror. With the vaccine, a new administration, and major energy from grand golf numbers at every turn, the game is anxious, excited, and a bit nervous for what lies ahead.

I say, bring it on, and allow us to clean our shoes of all the dust & dirt of 2020. As an industry we were fortunate. We were much more fortunate than so many in the world of hospitality. The pain will remain there for many years. The Covid-19 virus has caused more damage than many wars and catastrophes of the past 90 years. We cannot say goodbye fast enough to the virus that stopped the world in its tracks. It is time to look forward, to plan for a healthier year, a better, more civil year, for every one of us.

Before we say goodbye however, I want to say thank you. Thank you not only for reading this post during this year of COVID-19 but thank you for hanging with me now for the past 10 years of this highfives blog. I am honored and very grateful for you clicking on and reading my five thoughts each and every month. I also want to say thanks to the team for the great work they do. As I say goodbye to the year, I leave you with 5 thoughts about gratitude:

  1. Thank your golfers. They have many options for their golf, and for how they can spend their time recreating. You can never be too grateful to your golfers
  2. Offer recognition and thanks to your team. When you show true gratitude to those serving on your property, you will see brighter smiles, lighter steps, and hear more friendly chatter
  3. Provide a special thanks to your maintenance unit. The people that maintain the golf course and keep the landscaping fresh & bright deserve a special shoutout
  4. Thank the people who live with your staff. They sacrifice so that your service will not suffer
  5. Offer a large thank you to all of your suppliers and vendors. Those that provide the food, drink, merchandise, and vital supplies to keep your property clean and humming are important too.

Again, thank you for taking time out of your day to look through our site, and this blog. Have a safe holiday season, and a healthy, happy 2021. We ALL look forward to next year…

Jack Dillon writes the highfives series. He is celebrating year 10 of this blog post. Call Jack to help you in making next year a great year for team and golfer alike. Reach Jack at 407-973-6136, or at Jack lives in Orlando.

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