Team building basics

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A golf property is a business set up to provide an extraordinary level of quality, personal service. In order to create a high attention to detail, the team should be equipped with the skills and standards you expect to showcase to members on a daily basis.

There are several ways to develop a winning team, and here, in this highfives post, I will set out a few of what I would say are the simpler paths to a winning formula. Service is about people, and service excellence is when people understand the mission and their role in it.

Developing a group of people who will deliver excellence on any given day has never been easy, and it is tougher today than in past decades. The distractions are everywhere. I believe however, that providing the right foundation, with certain other elements, can help you build a winning and profitable property. Here are 5 thoughts in creating a strong team:

1)    Always be interviewing. The world today is more dynamic than ever, and that certainly includes the world of work. If there is not an opening or two today, there will be soon. Always keep the red carpet out for talented people that enjoy the service industry

2)    Have an extraordinary onboarding program. I am convinced the first days and weeks on a new job will determine a persons’ success. Have a written program, involve key team members, get specific, and do a great deal of follow up for at least the first three months

3)    Try to speak with every staff member daily. Showing people you care about them as well as their performance will allow them to feel safe, and therefore invest in you, the role, and the property with a greater degree of ownership. A smile, some kind words and a bit of daily coaching will go a long way

4)    Because you are developing a team of people, get the staff together often. Create a program of family meals each month to build a closeness that otherwise may not happen. Also conduct one or two recognition meetings each month, highlighting excellence among the staff. Awards do not have to be large, but they must be sincere and never standardized, like an employee of the month plaque … please!

5)    Consistent follow up is vital with every team member in order to keep people on track to the mission. Although training people is vital in any role, reminding people of the specifics of their role is also critical as people stray from time to time away from that mission and what is important.

Building a solid team is a never-ending puzzle. In a world of short work tenures, you may constantly be moving new people in as others leave. It is important therefore to have a written plan and mission program that all candidates can follow and execute. Yes, you always want to keep your best people, but these people will also be coveted by others. As you work to provide quality compensation for all, you might want to do more for the “A” staffers, those that truly move the needle. What would the property be without them? Be proactive in the way you serve the staff. Your care and attention to the team as people will help the property be all it can be. 

Jack Dillon is an Orlando-based writer of the highfives series and is a speaker and an expert in hospitality, merchandise and people coaching. He has been in this industry for more than 45 years. Contact him at 407-973-6136.


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