Simple Things Plus One

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As you and your team prepare for a new season there are so many priorities on your plate. Because the to-do list is long and probably gaining strength, there may be things that will be overlooked. These maybe some simple things, that when done, achieve more than a small response. Today, this highfives post will present 6 simple things for improvement that might just create results that far outweigh the investment of time and effort.  Today I present a list of simple things to you that will not take a major bank loan nor a timely decision from ownership to do.  They will take your attention, some discipline, a few dollars, and lots of observation from the staff to follow up on the results and the feedback. Here are my 6 highfive thoughts for today:

1)    Review and update the staff dress code. Work to create a consistent uniform that will work for you, your team, and your golfers. It is also important to mention here the do’s and don’ts of what to wear, as well as making certain shoes are shined, clothes are fresh and wrinkle free, and no hats are worn indoors. Presentation is important. This is also a teaching moment

2)    Make certain your web site is up to date for the new season. Delete anything out of date, and then create an inviting presentation that will excite your golfers about golf, the new season, and your property

3)    Begin in the parking lot. Creating a strong first impression about your business. Make certain all light bulbs are working, all weeds are removed, and trash and dirt are taken care of daily, all in and around the parking area, the first impression you make

4)    Educate the staff (new and not so new) on a basic Q & A about the property, the calendar, general pricing, and anything else that golfers and guests may want to know. I suggest updating this detail in the monthly staff meeting. Build confidence in your team with this vital information. Try never to have a team member feel embarrassed.

5)    Create an invitation strategy. For rounds, for instruction, for the restaurant provide the team with the permission to provide a no charge or nominally priced round, lesson, or lunch on the club in order to create a hospitality moment as well as maybe to correct a service hiccup. Setting this up as a new program early will provide some extra confidence for those team members you want to execute these offers. Instruction will help golfers play better, creating interest in more rounds: a round, especially with a staff member, even 9 holes will create a wonderful experience: and a meal may be the first introduction to your menu

6)    (Bonus) Do a property walkthrough and find the areas that need a fresh look with a bit of paint, and maybe a bit of added energy in scrubbing off dirt and rust. Review the bag drop/stand area, every trash can on property, plus a general walk through of the clubhouse and course to look at things with refreshed eyes.  Please bring along a few new staff members to look for opportunities as well. No doubt they will see a few things missed by the veteran staff.

  As you and your team work to grow the business, increase sales as well as differentiate the property, finding and improving the small things can make a large difference over time. Clean, fresh, and coordinated can all add to the experience and help do the things a lower price never will. Make the small things a big deal this season.


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