Sampling: Maybe It's Time

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As we make the turn around the aisle at the big box member store, we see them.  Older folks providing us a taste of the many delightful foods offered by the store.  It seems to be a really good idea because at "my" store there is more sampling going on than ever before.  It even works, as my wife and I have made purchases right after a few simple food tests.

Is it time to bring this idea to the course, the club, and the practice range.  I say it is time.  With the exposure for golf never greater, we face more open tee times.  We see more courses going away.  With real estate a huge partner for the game, with so many courses associated with housing developments, we have many millions of people very near our door steps.  I believe it is time to invite them in for a free taste of golf.  Here are 5 thoughts;

1) Create a plan. With the GM, the Golf Pro, Sales Director, Superintendent, and F & B Manager, construct a program where you create a "Taste the Fun of Golf" concept.  Plan several free evenings of fun golf seminars, putting games, and short swing instruction sessions on the range.  Have the Superintendent talk about the course and how it stays green.  Inform and instruct in very basic, fun terms all about the greatness of the game.  Walk one or two holes (without clubs) with the group.  Allow them to feel what you already know

2) Offer the program over a three month period.  Nothing good happens overnight, so do not be impatient.  Even winning concepts need time and the help of great word of mouth and social media to build a foundation and to take flight

3) Prepare for and practice execution with your team before you start the sampling.  Read the stories of how Steve Jobs spent hours and days preparing his presentations before new product introductions.  Focus the team.  They all must play their part well

4) During each session have your sales and operations people ask the guests what they think about the game, this program, and what it might take for them to become a golfer

5) Consider extending the "sampling" to the local business community.  Great word of mouth, events, and even corporate memberships can be mined here

Sampling: maybe it is time to invite people in for a taste.  Try it, test it, and never give up.


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