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Business today is so much about trial and error.  We seem to spend so much of the day in the dark. To move beyond the dark, serve up a sales program that works. As the team moves to grow rounds, members and more, what have you done to create a complete plan around the selling process?  Have you built a program for the entire team to encourage sales, to build upselling, and to measure the actions of all team members?  It is truly important that all staff members know they are responsible for sales.  We don't need to identify the role as a salesperson (as so many people do not like that title or what it implies), but we should have a daily plan in place.   If you are a private club with 350 golfing members, you have a more limited opportunity to create additional sales daily.  If you are a public course with say 4,000 to 8,000 unique clients, you have a wider opportunity.  Either way, you should be working with every staff member on adding to the sales count daily.  From golf merchandise, to membership, to an extra beer and desert, the staff should know as an absolute part of their position, that providing great service means creating more fun and service with larger receipts.  It is non-negotiable.  Service today cannot be judged by a smile alone.  Here are 5 thoughts on a better sales effort by all:

  1. First, write out a sales plan for every position at the club.  Do not factor in the person holding that position, only the position title
  2. Create a training plan where you have regular sessions.  Be sure you have a "graduation ceremony" after each person finishes your course
  3. Have real life situations at play during training, with observation and feedback during and after shifts.  Keep coaching.....never assume they have it.  Keep working with them.
  4. You must have a measuring program in place that is set up with recognition and a rewards program.  You cannot ask people to drive new business with no rewards.  Cannot happen.
  5. Have recurring training and reminder sessions that are held monthly.  Coaching never stops, but know that greater success with added sales are around the corner.
  6. (bonus) do not call most of these folks "salespeople."  Teach them new things.  Integrate new habits into their daily shifts, and recognize them when they they do well.  Get out of the office and be your best cheerleader!

Jack Dillon is the author of the highfives blog.  Jack is an operations expert who can help you build a better program.  Jack is an advanced speaker with Toastmasters International.  He is available to speak with you, coach your team, and provide real training, teaching, and support.  Reach Jack at 407-973-6136.  Jack lives in Florida,  Thank you.

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