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Jack Dillon offers five thoughts on providing rewards for your team

As we push forward, with stories of the pandemic, and the most amazing season for golf, and golfers, I have a question: how will you reward the key members of your 2020 team? The people that made a major difference in the success of 2020. What are the things you will be doing for your people as the year draws to a close? 

In a year that had more twists and turns than an old Warner Bros. cartoon, there was success, and there was great sacrifice. Now that the days are short, the temperatures low, and the parking lot (almost) empty, you might settle down and take a look back on all of the initial fears, the triumphs, and the hard work put in by your people. A year ago, every golf course was preparing for a new decade, a hope for more rounds, and another Masters win for Tiger. Instead, we saw the stock market plunge, kids come home from school (for good), and hospitality falling off the face of the planet. It was the strangest of times, made stranger by people finding the golf course… lots of people. 

In this highfives post, I offer five thoughts on providing rewards for your team. They might make sense for this year of the pandemic, or for another time. In the years I was responsible for people, for sales, and growing numbers, I eventually learned to reward people with the gifts they could use, and not what was easy and convenient for me or the organization. Providing rewards people can use can also make for a better employee. Here are my five thoughts on rewards:

  1. Cash is still king. No matter the income or the position, people have bills to pay. Cash will never get old, or go out of style as it relates to staff awards
  2. Gift Cards: some bosses prefer to award gift cards for a job well done
  3. Time off: next to cash, this is a great incentive. Most staff members would appreciate extra paid time off, as would their family members
  4. Training for their next role. A great reward might be to work out a path for the key members of your team, a path forward to their next position. Set up a training program for X number of hours each month, preparing the high flyers for their next role 
  5. Promotion: receiving that next role is a grand reward. This proves your confidence and faith in the team member, while providing you a person who will be with you for a longer stretch. People want to know where they stand in the organization, and acquiring that next job is one major way to know how you feel and the club feels.

Never miss the chance to say thank you, acknowledging those people who are doing all they can to take care of your golfers. Besides these highfives, there are many, many other ways to show your appreciation. Whenever you see small, kind acts, write out a thank you note to the team member. Small gift cards for gas or coffee are always winners too. The reward program is a way to build the culture and to create team members that will stay a part of your group longer. As you know, turnover in hospitality is high, so finding ways to say thank you will help stem that tide a bit. Rewards do not cost, they pay in better service, engagement, longevity. It does not cost to thank people for their contribution: it only pays. Thank you. *Warner Bros. is owned by Time Warner Inc.

Jack Dillon writes the highfives post. Jack is a speaker, an expert in communications, operations, and merchandise. He has been in the golf industry since 1973. Jack can help you build a better team, a better shop, a better culture. Contact Jack at 407-973-6136, or at Jack lives in Orlando.

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