Remember that golf is No. 1

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In the business of operating a golf facility, course managers think constantly of the many products and services on the menu that they and their staff work to sell. The list is probably deep and may include items as varied as weddings, corporate meeting events, work leagues and junior tournaments, etc. The items can be as wide as the facility type, as well as the community the course resides in. No matter the size and depth of the menu, have you considered that the golf course is beyond all the others, the No. 1 product of the property? It all begins with the golf course. It is what draws people to the facility and hopefully brings them back again and again.

As you manage the sales budgets as well as begin planning for the new decade, why not think about what the golf course means to your members, your guests and your community by raising its profile in all you do? This highfives post will provide five unique thoughts on the golf course:

1)     Work to make the golf course look good from purely an aesthetic presentation. Your course is probably one of the leading views in the community.  Keep it green and clean.

2)     Develop a landscaping plan that adds to the charm of the property but without destroying your expense budget. Colorful landscaping at the first tee area, the 18th green, and in the area leading from the entrance can create strong impressions for many, even invoke pride with your team.

3)     Golf is a tough game, and the course a frustrating challenge for many. Think about creating one set of tees that make each hole as easy as possible, creating a potential stress-free golf course for those looking for just a nice walk in the park. Rethink the experience for all who play.

4)     Create a social media campaign using the golf course and smiling faces enjoying the game. Too many managers push the length, the toughness, and the challenge, where many golfers want something very different. Show off the course and players in your marketing, but build the image of joy, color, and if you can, market a faster, more fun round of golf

5)     Adjust the conversation with your staff, including the Superintendent. Work to have your entire team think and speak about the golf course as your key product, your main draw, with everything else as the part B side of the menu. It is important to have the entire staff understand what the golf course can mean to all, including the staff members that don’t play.

The golf course should be the main driver of memberships, events, and stories about your property. Why not begin to change the conversation, the focus, and the marketing, all to reflect the golf course as the first item on the menu for all on the team. Even if the team is working to sell a corporate event, use the golf course as a part of the draw. It is your beauty shot! Chances are that walking around the grounds at your property beats a conference room on the third floor. There are many ways to create a sale. Why not begin with the sunshine, the outdoor colors, and the deep dark green of the course, in order to drive new business. Show off your best asset. Change the story in order to grow.

Jack Dillon, an Orlando, Florida-based speaker and consultant, is the author of the highfives series. He has been in the golf industry for more than 45 years. He is an expert in operations, merchandise, hospitality, and growing people and can be contacted 407-973-6136. He is available to help your property.

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