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Jack Dillon provides his recommendations on how you can improve in 2021.

The golf property has the absolute ability to learn a great deal of information, in order to improve the way business is done. In my way of thinking, it begins with one question. Think about a question to help drive improvement in 2021. As you think about this idea, know that I am talking about a very different single question for the many constituents that play at, and serve the facility. If you begin with one question, and come up with some great, personal responses, you will have the ammunition to build a facility that the community will enjoy all the more.

This highfives post provides you the idea of asking one important question that can help you and your managers plan a better day for all, every day of the year. We all want to play at a place where we are free to have a good time, to work in a place where we feel safe, and manage a team that is permitted to execute a service level that makes them and their golfers better than satisfied. Here are my five thoughts about the one question:

  1. As you begin your season, plan a program that will have you, and several staff members ask your golfers this one question: “please tell me one way we can improve your experience here at XYZ Golf Club?
  2. Present this to your managers: “please tell me one way that I can help you advance your career.”
  3. Pose this to your hourly staff: “please tell me one way that I can make this a better place to work for you.”
  4. Here we get a bit trickier: pose this to your significant other: “how I can be a more focused person when I am at home with you, not so much struggling with work issues?”
  5. And the toughest one: ask yourself, “what can you do to get better, in order to become the type of manager youwould want to work for?”

The significance of the one question is important. Although there is one unique question per category, there are hundreds or thousands of opportunities to hear distinct and personal answers. If you can build a more cohesive staff, service becomes better, and your team comes to work happier. If you find ways to help your managers improve, you will sell more, build more client loyalty, and increase your margins. If your significant other is happy, you know the rest of that story, and if you can build a better day for yourself and the people of your community, life all around the property feels better, feels friendlier. Ask one person at a time. Allow them to speak as long as they want. The richness of the answers will provide you an amazing resource of information. Write down the key points and be certain to send golfers thank you notes for helping your property win in 2021 and beyond. Thank you. 


Jack Dillon writes the highfives series. Jack is a speaker, and an expert in operations, communications, service, and purchasing. This year marks the 10th anniversary of this blog post. Reach out to Jack for help in building your 2021. Jack can be reached at 407-973-6136, or at Jack lives in Orlando.


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