Moving past COVID-19

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here is now a great deal being written about Covid-19 and how to operate a golf facility during these extraordinary times. Because of this and because I am not an expert, I am moving ahead to talk about things we can do to drive rounds and business post Coronavirus. My next few posts will discuss ways to attract new rounds and golfers. Stay safe!

When I was a young caddy, there were but three sets of tees at the club for the members. There were the red tees (the forward tees) for women, the white tees for the men, and blue for the members who wanted to be like Jack Nicklaus. It was simple and easy. On several of the holes, the red markers however, were not part of a tee box, but stuck in the grass in the front of the white markers. Women who played golf back then did not hold sway at the club. These women members at that time were the wives of members and thus earned member status. That was a long time ago in years, as well as prior to the many the changes in status and power that women hold today.

As you and your team think about ways to restart your golf operations remember to build in programs for women. Women are 80% of this economy. Unlike during the 60’s, they have their own money, create their own lives, and make the world move in ways as never before. Develop programs, events, and tournaments for women as a vital part of your club calendar post Covid-19. There will be a sense of the unknown as you get back to golf, but here are my thoughts to how you can successfully add more women to your tee sheet. Here are my highfives:

1)    Include your key women staff members as part of your planning committee

2)    Include a strong golf instruction program for women. Develop a plan for women who are both beginners as well as the experienced players. Add changes as they improve

3)    In addition to creating a new level of clean at the property, show people what you are doing. The older we are, the more we want to see the execution, and not only read about it in the next newsletter

4)    Develop programs for Mom and juniors. Bringing them together, along with Dad will help you allow the entire family to feel comfortable with the property. If your club is going to lead the community into a new future, it will be important to involve every member of the family

5)    Remember the FUN! Yes, we are living in a pandemic. One day however, the sun will rise, the game will have a new importance, and your property will be called upon to be a light in a new world. Please stress to the staff, that FUN must play a major part in the new calendar.

 As you think about how you will operate the club, know that people want to feel good about where they spend their time, and their money. Golf was important before the virus, and it will be at least as important once we move forward. Women can be a great source of communications as well. When they like something, everyone in their circle (and beyond) knows about it the same day. Be creative with memberships, financing, instruction, tee times etc. There will soon be a brand new day. I suggest thinking about the ways to better all you do for women, juniors, and your male golfers. The new day will demand a new vision. Take risks to make people love the club and the game. This new day will not be the time to play it safe. Go all out… 18!




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