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Jack Dillon shares his 5 tips to get golfers to return in 2021

Golf, despite the worst health crisis in generations, is having an incredible season. Not even live sports has dampened the enthusiasm for 18 holes of social distancing. It has been phenomenal to witness. As we look toward the sunbelt season and next year, we anxiously ask: “what will happen in 2021?” The stories I have heard this season about tee times until dark, practice ranges packed all day, pull carts sold out, and beginner sets not available for several months, are stories I thought were not possible. Golf has a momentum it has not seen since Arnie was coming down the last few holes in any PGA Tour event during the early 1960’s. It is amazing and it is wonderful to see. Golf courses are doing well. There is employment for our game, and things continue to feel positive. Now what? What can you do to help the momentum? How can you rub your hands together and help maintain the mojo that has created great success over the past 150+ days? Even the golf club companies which looked as if they were headed toward disaster, are actually now in plus numbers for 2020, even after the 2 largest club selling months were wiped out due to the nationwide quarantine. 

With new people coming into the game, with many others having returned after many years, the number of golfers have swelled to mountainous levels. The frenzy, which in some cases shut people out from playing on the busiest days, will subside. A vaccine will be on the way, medicines are being developed to mitigate this thing called Covid-19. No one knows when, but the world believes better, healthier days are ahead. How will your club keep this grand enthusiasm going next year? What steps can you take to continue this wonderful frenzy? This highfives post will present 5 thoughts on how to keep people coming back during all of 2021. Here are my five thoughts:

  1. Thank every player now, for their support during this time of crisis. Even though they came out to play a game, I am certain they had some concerns about being out, away from home, using your facilities for 9 or 18 holes. Send out a sincere e-mail, or better still thank people in person or by phone, if you have that detail
  2. Have your instructional team conduct some fall lessons on the short game, and on putting, on the house. Schedule 30-45 minutes of instruction 2-3 days each week, until the weather people shut you down
  3. Sell 2021 programs now. Set up added value programs to ensure the mojo continues. In addition to your regular memberships, set up one or two others that take into consideration new players, golf late in the day, and family golf
  4. Set up virtual weekly meetings over the next few months, to talk about golf equipment, the swing, the 2020 season. Help to keep the mojo by allowing the conversation to stay alive, to keep moving. Get your professional staff to create the agenda and schedule
  5. Build a summer 2021 calendar for junior events, and for family golf events to create interest throughout the community, for everyone in the family. 

The game is on fire, and it feels great! In addition to the thoughts about, what else will you do to keep your mojo going. The critical piece is to not take this season for granted, and to show 

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