Joy To Our World

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Although it may sound as if I am changing a popular Christmas song, I am not.  I have been thinking about our game and the many discussions about growing this game.  In addition to the many programs, the hard pieces to growing golf, maybe we should also look at the soft side to growth.  Just maybe we have hit that fork and should take that road less traveled.

We know that many industry people have been working hard, some for many years, on growing new golfers and rounds.  There are several stories of success.  However, we need more, many more facility leaders, managers, and staffers to put this game on their backs and move it forward.  Maybe we need to work a bit less hard on marketing and executing programs, and bring out the things that drive us every day......our love of the game.

What if we each let our love of the game show through to help us create a contagious passion for golf.  A guy named Bubba won last week!  Just that name brings out a sense of fun.  As we move through the early parts of the season lets work with your staff on ways to create growth through their joy.

Here are 5 thoughts about moving the game forward at your facility:

  • Show off the joy!  Each staff member at the club or practice facility can execute their feelings for the game
  • Because we are each passionate for golf, we can exhale that passion in a way where we can change attitudes for the sport
  • Each day at work we can pass it on through small acts that include putting lessons, a tip or two on the range, and constructive conversations in the clubhouse, working all the while to show your love for golf
  • Teach the many reasons why the game is simpler than many people make it.  Use your great attitude always as a teaching moment
  • Have fun at your club by spicing up the event calendar with short, great events, that excite and enthuse both new and not so new golfers.  Things like mixed events, fun scrambles, 3-club events, putting contests, and so many other events that can work for you.

Bubba won last week.  This might just be the time to pay forward your passion, your love, and your joy so that millions can move from that spark of interest to the amazement of finding the sweet spot.  Joy for the game?  Surely it is in you.  Maybe its time to celebrate the joys of this season........

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