The Joy of Golf

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With thoughts and credit cards all directed at the holiday season, I felt it was a good time to discuss joy.  As we move into the Christmas season, many of us get into the spirit of joy and giving.  As I thought about the joy of the season, it brought me around to our game and industry.  Our game can use more joy.  The game needs an infusion of happy people who will do an all-in for the game, the golfer, the industry.  How can a game who has Bob Hope as its patron saint lack joy and fun?

The game in my opinion needs a transfusion.  We need to add fun, games, small competitions, as well as an environment which welcomes women and minorities with anticipation and enthusiasm.  We have not had great joy in our game for many years.  We have had politicians who scold us, bankers who ignore us, and tabloids who mock us. 

Golf is joy!  No matter if you began as a child of 10 or of 50, golf was an immediate joy.  It was what we looked forward to doing.  It was a passion we played, we watched, and discussed daily.  What happened?  Surely, it was not only this recession which brought out the crying towels.  Joy was missing long before 2008.  Let's begin to rebuild the game from the smile up!  Here are 5 thoughts:

  • Begin to return the Golf Professional and staff to the team that instructs, educates, and entertains
  • Create a re-entry point for the unemployed golfer.  Taking the law of averages, possibly 1.3 million golfers are missing their joy.  Allow them to come on your slow afternoon to hit balls or play for a nominal fee.  Build joy, loyalty, and self-esteem
  • Target programs for the 95 shooter.  With the issues at the private club sector, the normal "centers of influence" of the past are missing.  Rebuild a story for these golfers
  • Involve the staff in all of golf ops.  Teach the game to all on your team.  Involve the team in building joy at your club
  • Plan a serious program for women and family for 2012.  Early evenings are prime time for family golf growth

There is great joy in golf.  Will it be under your tee in 2012?

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