Influential and powerful: Who'll make this year's Golf Inc. list?

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It was with more than passing interest we noticed that Canada’s National Post recently  published a list of the 25 most influential figures in Canadian golf today. The golf industry north of the border is understandably much smaller than in the U.S. but has been buffeted by the same economic conditions that have devastated courses in this country.
No surprise that Canadian golfing hero Mike Weir topped the list. After his stellar performance in the 2007 Presidents Cup, his popularity has soared in his native country, and he’s also launched a new golf course design firm (good timing, Mike!).
Regular Golf Inc. readers will find some familiar names on the list, including Rai Sahi, CEO of ClubLink (No. 8), architect Thomas McBroom (No. 19) and Stephen Johnston, principal of Toronto-based Global Golf Advisers (No. 21).
This fall, Golf Inc. editors will be selecting our own annual list of the Most Powerful People in Golf. For the past five years, Jack Nicklaus has topped the charts, primarily due to his dominance of the course design industry throughout the world. With development at a standstill, could this be the year the Golden Bear falls from the top rung?
If you have suggestions about who you think should make this year’s Most Powerful list, let us know and we’ll be glad to add their names to the mix.  


You need to look at more than just the 3 major industry companies to see who the real powerful people are. Go to a public course, a Walmart, M-Mart and see what clubs people use and what products these stores sell.

This is very simple. The most powerful person in golf is not Jack Nicklaus. It is Joe Consumer.

Issues that golf is facing in the US are very different than issues of Golf in China , Golf in Africa or Golf in Eastern Europe. The narcissistic list "influential and powerful" will gain in interest if built on the model of the World Economic Forum Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report. The rankings are based on the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI), which measures the different regulatory and business-related issues that have been identified as levers for improving travel and tourism competitiveness in countries around the world. This year’s report, published under the theme “Managing in a Time of Turbulence”, reflects the difficulties the industry currently faces, which must be overcome to ensure strong sectorial growth in the future. The parallel with our industry is obvious. On the same basis depending on regulatory that are identified as levers for the growth of our industry, new actors will score high in the ranking. I see a couple of figures already: Mr Han Ziding CEO of Guandong Golf Channel China. (By the way Mr. Ziding just hired not less than Tom Doak for his Hainan Island Project!). I am also thinking of Andrea Sartori, Partner - Head of KPMG's Golf Advisory Practice in EMA, Publisher of the highly regarded Golf Benchmark. There is indeed a geogolf powershift towards South and towards East!

Luke Kohl, aka The Mack Daddy Caddy, of Intergalactic Entertainment and Intergalactic Golf should be in the running as the most powerful person in golf.....Read about what he is up to at & Check out his revolutionary work. Peace.

I am also not surprised that Mike Weir is on the top of the list. He is one of the best golf player I ever seen.

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