The Influencer: bringing female golfers to your course

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One amazing point concerning the past 13 months is the sheer number of players coming to play the game. It has been game changing for just about everyone who earns a paycheck through this industry. Finding a tee time has been a grand challenge, not only for the massive number of newbies, but for those who have been playing since metal woods were the driving range clubs of old. People are playing the game and it is a joy to behold. Within the group of new golfers, industry reports state that well over 400,000 women joined the game in 2020. That is important to know not only because these new players are adding to greens fee totals, they are the influencers that can make a major difference in every part of your total property business model. If I told you that women influence 81% of all consumer purchases in this country, would you believe me?  Know that it is true for cars, vacations, homes, bank accounts, investment accounts, and yes, even country club memberships. Women influence spending and as the property leader, it is important to be fully aware of the power of their purse.

No doubt the club is busy. You may be struggling, however, to hire staff, much like others in the hospitality world. As things improve, it will be important to position service standards to support these new players. Helping these golfers gain confidence is a major step. They don’t play alone, so you have at least a twosome every time. They always look through the shop, so you will drive more merchandise sales, and they tend to play golf for the social aspects, not a final score, so good food and a nice glass or two of wine can become a part of a great day with friends. This highfives post is about 5 thoughts on women golfers, and how to build a strategy which can result in loyal fans:

1)      Get to know every member, every guest. Every woman wants to be seen and treated as an individual. The moment you position her into a group, she might be gone.

2)      The score is not the priority for many women golfers. They want the chance to be away, even for a few hours, from theworld, with friends. Allow them to fully enjoy this time.

3)      Create social learning. Build instruction inside their community, not just yours. Women want to learn to play. Help them in their way, as you build programs for the club.

4)      Fear and angst are front and center for most women new to the game. How can you create a buddyprogram within a group, capitalizing on your staff and some core women golfers? Building real comfort through the learning process is important.

5)      Women don’t care about a 400 CC driver. Yes, many women want equipment that fits their game and their needs. At the same time, women have a different hierarchy of needs for their game than men. You first must earn their trust. My belief is that women would be more amenable to buy equipment from your golf professional than from a retailer.

Treat women well and they will visit the shop on every round they play. Provide a shop with contemporary brands and style and they will shop, buy, and tell others. Know it is about earning their business and their loyalty. If any of us were to lose 81% of the potential revenue in our business, we would fight and fight hard to not let that happen. Women want to play. It is important however, to know how to take care of their core golfing needs, to help create a day of fun and to know what matters to every woman pulling into your lot. One overlooked area is the placement of the tee markers. Make the setup easy and inviting. Frustration is not a good value for any golfing menu. As important, they also want trustworthy guidance. Help them know about your property, your people, and your golf course. If you provide only a cart and scorecard, there is every chance the frequency of their golf at your property will diminish. Make clean, fresh, and colorful other important standards because they matter to her. The point is: when women play golf, they will spend when given the opportunity. Look at every area of your business and secure that opportunity. 

Jack Dillon writes the highfives series. Jack is a consultant, coach, and speaker. He is an expert in operations, service, and merchandising. Now part of Career Dividends, Jack can help build a better golf shop and build a better team. Contact Jack at 407-973-6136 or e-mail Jack at Jack lives in Orlando and has time available for your shop now.

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