How to use your local community to build business

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While golf course operators look for new golfers, increased rounds and added sales, the solution may be in your community. Several clubs find they can grow by strategically embracing the local community.

Over the years, I have searched far and wide for so many answers to the dilemmas of the business I was managing at the time, while sometimes not realizing the answers were right there in front of me.  This highfivespost provides 5 thoughts about working in your local community to build business, grow customers, and add loyal fans. 

1) Build a golf program for women for juniors and for couples in your community. Offer low cost (or no cost group) instruction to teach people the game. Be certain to provide a continuous program for improvement for the longer term

2) Provide extra low rates to these new golfers during your off-peak times. Work with your club vendors on acquiring inexpensive clubs to loan to your new guests as they build their golfing habit

3) Offer one of the rooms at your club to the local Chamber or Toastmasters or the local Rotary. It is important the community leaders and decision makers get to know you, your team, and your hospitality. Using a room should get these people to buy food and beverage during their meetings

4) Each time your staff is out in the community, whether they live in the community or are making a purchase, get them into the habit of introducing themselves as a member of your team, inviting the business owner or manager to the club for a tour as your guest

5) Beyond golf, we all have birthdays, anniversaries and other life landmarks to be celebrated. Create a real push with your team, working with the locals to try your facility for a party or special event. The sales team should work the local community to consider your club always as an option for parties, graduations, other events that are happening all of the time.  There are many creative ways to drive that business.

It is important to be proactive, and to work above all of the noisethat people experience every day. Create the atmosphere of a perpetual open house for your community neighbors. Even though you may be around the corner, unless that person has been on property, you may as well be 100 miles away. Leave nothing to chance. Have your team drop off business cards, invite the residents, and work to drive traffic to the property. Your local community can be a great source for all types of business. At the same time, get together with your insurance people, local vendors, and others in your area to play a part in your success Have your team think open house as a way to envision a stream full of new guests to solve your sales and revenue challenges. Use the theme of an invitation in order to make your community neighbors feel special. Making people feel special is the way to build your business.


Jack Dillon writes the highfives series.  Jack is an expert in operations, service, and the golf shop.  He is a speaker, coach, and consultant.  He has been in golf for 46 years.  Contact Jack at 407-973-6136.  

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