How to take advantage of the Major season

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The PGA Tour season is heating up, and over the next several weeks will begin to build on a very new momentum. This year the 5 big events of the men’s Tour are set up to be held from March through July. Those events are: The Players Championship, The Masters, The PGA, The U.S. Open, and The Open. These events clustered as they are will bring an excitement to the season as never before. This alignment has been created to build maximum energy that will run for 5 consecutive months. Bringing new people to the game while creating a new appeal for us older fans is a great way to energize the sport. As you are either in season now or are preparing for a new year of golf, what can you do to cause new interest, energy and excitement for your property. Here are my thoughts on some major categories for creating enthusiasm, loyalty, and play:

1) Be certain your property is clean beginning at the parking lot, with special concentration on the restrooms, restaurant, 1sttee area, range, and golf shop. You can create a very strong level of approval and loyalty by building & maintaining a neat and clean facility

2) Hire, promote, and train nice!  Critical to your business, especially repeat business is the level of care and attention. Review each member of your staff. Of course, you need a team of skilled associates.  You also need the team to take excellent care of every customer.  Regardless of the age or attitude of your golfers, hire and train nice people.  Nice people who care about the customer will build your business

3) Create great landscaping looks. The areas around the bag drop, 1sttee, 18thgreen and putting green should have colorful and abundant landscaping. Pay attention to these areas and your golfers will appreciate the effort. Make a great impression

4) Align with your superintendent to build golf course conditions that play fair, reward good shots, and keep play moving. Get involved to make sure the rough stays short, the fairways look and play great & the greens roll true

5) Set up a consistent standard for communicating with your players and with follow up. Every member of the staff should be trained in the skills of listening. At the same time you could create a rule for follow up to be done within 24 hours, or whatever makes sense to you.  When your golfers know they will receive care, attention, with timely feedback… will see them and their friends more often.

There is a major men’s golf event every month for 5 straight months this year. At your club, every day is major because it is your business and your reputation being exposed. Create the standards now that will build major improvements into your rounds, events, and sales. Take care of each golfer as if he or she is your only customer. Once your staff owns this attitude, you are on your way to championship success.

Jack Dillon writes the highfives series.  Jack is a presenter and expert in retail, operations, and service.  Jack has been in golf for more than 45 years.  Call Jack when you need a new plan or strategy.  Call Jack at 407-973-6136.  He lives in Orlando.

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