How to rebound from 2018's lousy start

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Here we are, halfway through April and the weather is truly our enemy so far in 2018.  Rounds are way off, budgets off, and we do not know when the weather calendar will turn the page to warm & sunny. How can you be expected to run a successful operation when one of the great variables in your business is just not cooperating?

No doubt it is tough to be focused, and as importantly, tough to keep your team focused when things are down, and far behind. We are 4.5 months into the year, and The Masters is behind us.  In recent years, the weather was our friend, and rounds were flowing. We need to be focused on today and staying very much on top of watching every spend. Here are 5 thoughts in looking towards a successful summer and fall season:

1)    Conduct weekly meetings with the entire team, sharing key information, and focusing people on sales efforts, their roles, and serving as they have never served before

2)    Meet twice a week with your leadership teams from the restaurant, agronomy, golf shop and sales. Push back orders (do not cancel as the pricing & availability may be very different), stop any cap ex spend, and make sure the leaders manage their payrolls.  

3)    Look at the future monthly calendars for May, June, July. Where can the sales team make a difference, what programs can you put into place to grow rounds from sun up to sun down. Although you must watch the daily spend, you must create a sales mindset for all that will add business to each week

4)    Call tournament directors and outing leaders personally. Create a special golf outing for all of your group customers. Show them sincere thanks and appreciation for times past, while you work to add them to the calendar this year.  Have a one day only sale.  Get with your sales team and leadership to keep selling. Offer a few extra perks to them

5)    Providesmile lessonsto the team.  It is so easy to get down when things are slow, the weather is bad, and customers are nowhere to be found.  Keep the team motivated, making certain their service meter remains high.  No matter how many rounds play today, each one is vital to your success.


Jack Dillon writes the Highfives series.  Jack is a speaker, writer and has been in golf for 45 years.  Have Jack speak when you want to add real, practical value for today.  Reach Jack at 407-973-6136.  Jack lives in Orlando.  To Golf Inc. readers, Jack has a special offer.  Thank you.

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