How to maximize golf shop sales this season

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There are ways to have a strong sales year. It will however, take new thinking to get there.

As the flowers bloom, the weather warms, and golfers take up much of the space on the property, you and your team are working to maximize the new season unlike ever before. Even though the rounds played in 2020 were off the charts, because of Covid, many properties had smaller merchandise sales numbers, and little or no sales in the area of F & B. With three vaccines now available to more age groups, there will be new opportunities as golfers become more comfortable moving around beyond their former comfort zone. As golfers golf however, there are other issues that will be impacting your golf shop this season. This highfives post is about the golf shop, and ways to maneuver through the supply trials of 2021.

Beyond rounds there will be strong opportunity for merchandise sales throughout this season. Although vaccines have arrived, and the world has found a few more doors for reentry, our game has found a grand place on the calendar for many men, women, and juniors. These golfers have money and want to own the new, great products available to your shop this year. The challenge will be to connect the product to the desire, through the new concerns brought on by Covid-19. Here are my 5 thoughts for building shop sales through the upcoming unknowns:

1)    Commit to the brands and products you want in your shop this season. At the same time have a backup plan for every major product category. The 2nd best item is better than empty shelves & lost sales. Do not be afraid of brands beyond the top 5-7 names, as you look to serve your golfers

2)    Stay in constant touch with your sales reps. Never assume these reps will be forthcoming or timely in their communication to you. Build it into your weekly plan to talk to reps about upcoming deliveries, and their realistic dates for arrival

3)    Use a purchase order system to track every order you or staff creates. You want zero surprises of goods showing up that were never ordered (or forgotten), or goods arriving 60-90 days after due date

4)    This entire year will be about some goods showing up late, some goods being cancelled, and others left as open (until you put a cancel date on the PO)

5)    Having tight rules for all purchase orders as well as constant communication with sales reps and your team, can help assure that your shop will not look like opening day on October 15th. Timely deliveries, or knowledge of real ship dates will be essential to the results of your golf shop in 2021.

At the same time, it is important to inform your golfers that when they see what they want, they should buy it (and maybe one extra.) Due to Covid, materials are missing, production behind, and many large accounts are upping their orders, thus taking more inventory out of an already depleted number. In addition, that ship that caused delays by being stuck in the Suez Canal only compounded these difficult issues. Up to date knowledge is critical this year for you and your golfers. At the same time you want to have vendors send you tracking numbers for all shipments. One last note: watch freight costs. With fuel going up, and back orders probably becoming a standard occurrence this year, you do not want to be paying large freight bills for goods that were back ordered, possibly arriving far beyond the date they were important to your golfers. Watch the freight costs each month. Finally, look to work with the area golf stores. If you need product quickly, why not create a relationship with the golf store(s) in your area to help when necessary? There are ways to have a strong sales year. It will however, take new thinking to get there. Thank you.


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