How to Improve your Team

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A great meal is one where everything is mixed just right. The ingredients are not only the best, but measured in the proper proportions. The meal tastes great because the mixture works well.  As with a great meal, building a strong, small team takes the same care and attention to ingredients, both large and small.

A golf club is made up of so many unique people doing very different jobs. Some cut grass, while others sell large events, still others cook some amazing meals. All people with very unique backgrounds are brought together to create amazing hospitality. Within the team, there is a mixture of managers, sales people, operators, laborers: full time, part-time, and seasonal.  Wow, trying to make this all work, sounds like a major effort…..and it is. Sometimes it does not go well. People may not live up to your expectations, they may clash with others, or they just don’t work out. Being out and about, seeing the highs and lows of your service is really key.

Building a strong team is a never-ending task.  There is no ending point, no finish line.  People seem to be always coming & going.  As the leader, you are responsible for the team and the hospitality it is to provide to members, guests and clients. There are times you must terminate employment for a person because it is not working out.  Be certain to have a system in place to protect the club and the team from any legal concerns.  At the same time, be certain to have a program in place where you do all you can to protect all people and property of the club.  Here are five thoughts about improving the team:

1)  Mistakes happen.  When a person is hired that is not fitting the role or the culture of the property, make the decision to terminate employment as soon as possible. An employee’s start will be their highlight reel.  If they start poorly, chances are they will not improve

2)  Never stop interviewing.  Although there are times of the year at the property where you are laying people off, as well as hiring, never stop talking to or looking out for candidates.  Great talent will not be knocking on your door.  You will need to seek & find it

3)  Always keep an active file of candidates for every job done at the club.  It is important to not get into trouble, missing important position people in season. It is also important never to hire a “warm body” to fill a position “temporarily.”

4) Develop a training program as if everyone will spend their career with you.  Train the entire team on both hard and soft skills, your goals, and how people can move up. It is critically important to show people a road map to their future success.  

5) In addition to always looking for talent everywhere you go, be sure to use the local resources in your search.  This includes: your team members, vendors, sales people, local business people, club members, and community leaders.  Expand your vision to find the strongest diversity of talent.

Improving the team is a never-ending part of the success plan. Don’t try to do it all alone.  Be sure to meet with your key leadership on a regular basis, talking about people doing well, needing additional support, or areas where the team believes a change is necessary.  You have one team, with an ever-changing group of people.  It is vital to carry your goals and mission to all, and make certain people know that the best mixture of attitudes and skills makes for the best feelings of warmth and hospitality.  Thank you.

Jack Dillon writes the highfives blog.  Jack is a professional speaker, with 46 years of changing golf-industry experience.  Jack is an expert on operations, hospitality, and merchandising.  Allow Jack to improve your team.  Contact Jack at 407-973-6136.  Jack liv

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