How to build a strong team: Time and Attention

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This is the last in the series about people, the team.

It feels as if so many positions today are reduced to doing tasks. These are the jobs where people leave their brains at the front door and execute what seems like mundane tasks that barely get the job done while barely keeping team members awake. Why does it seem that we go through a long process to hire just the "right person."  This solid hire has a 4 year degree, loves the golf industry, and now they are asked to execute tasks. Wow, there is something very wrong with this picture. 

Men and women get into the golf industry because they have a real passion for the game and the industry. As managers, we have the opportunity to turn up that light, or extinquish it. We can build a strong team. It takes a plan. It takes your time and attention.  It takes you being involved with your people on a daily basis.  Plan your day so that when you can make a difference with your people, you are there, on the front lines with them, when it counts.  There are other times to approve invoices and answer e-mails.

 Because people come to you with a love of what you do, you need only channel that love.  Here are 5 ideas about your time and attention:

  1. People respect you.  Use that respect to help grow their skills and draw out their talents
  2. Spend time. There is nothing that shows you care more than some time each day coaching, observing, all the while being their cheerleader
  3. Because there will be times when discipline is necessary, being with the team daily reinforces the idea you care not only about performance but about people, your people
  4. MBWA is an old acronym from a mentor, Tom Peters.  It means manage by wandering around.  Never get too comfortable in your office.  Be where the action is
  5. People crave recognition.  Be there when you can recognize your team first hand.  A pat on the back, a kind word, a written thank you note, all reinforce their value to them.  Do not miss the chance to recognize your people first hand.

Allow your people to create, to try, to fail, and to grow.  If you put smart people in a box, they will kick their way out.  When you hire smart people who love what you do, your job is to enhance the love.

Jack Dillon is a golf expert, speaker, and author of the highfives series.  You can reach Jack at 407-973-6136.  Jack lives in Orlando.

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