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Consider these five traits when hiring for your club.

The PGA Show has ended. We are already into a new month. This year is airborne. Soon you and your club will begin a new season of golf. Each year you go through the same process, hiring new staff. Hiring a group of people to turn into a working team is never an easy task. At the same time, I suggest the process needs added time and attention. With higher wages available almost everywhere, combined with a scarcity of quality candidates, hiring may now be the critical function of the pre-season preparedness plan, and much more than just another task on the management calendar.

This highfives post will provide 5 thoughts on what to look for in your candidates. Because this is truly a hands-on service business, knowing what to look for can make the process more successful, hopefully resulting in people who will provide excellence once they have been trained. Here are 5 traits to consider as you begin the process of building the team for the new season:

  1. Energy: when you find people who are excited, who showcase real outward energy during the interview, you should want to put them high on the list. Having a staff of high energy people will create more rounds as well as golfers who spend more time at the club
  2. Smiles: people who are happy will do well at the club. When you locate candidates that smile and exude a positive attitude, work to make them part of your team
  3. Respect: people that respect others are important to have on the team. In the service business, respect is a top 3 trait to consider
  4. History: my belief is that people are their history. They will repeat their successes or failures from their past. Pay attention to their work record during the interview process
  5. Desire: does the candidate need a job, or do they truly want to work at your club? When you uncover the reasons for the candidates’ interest, you may uncover what kind of employee they will be.

There may be a great variety of candidates for jobs this season.  You may have people from several generations, as well as young people looking for their first job. I believe it is important to do the right amount of due diligence in order to locate people who will do the right thing once you provide the opportunity. Phone calls to coaches, even teachers can help you avoid hiring mistakes. Over my career I have hired hundreds of people and made all of the mistakes. Please know if the candidate does not show you the 4 traits above during the interview process, they will not bring them out of their hat once hired. Take your time, interview more than once, and act as if you are hiring for the long term. And make it a fun season of golf!

Jack Dillon is an Orlando-based writer of the highfives series and is a speaker and an expert in hospitality, merchandise and people coaching. He has been in this industry for more than 45 years. Contact him at 407-973-6136.

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