Highfives: Make sure your best customers feel valued

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Golfers love to play! They want to hit good shots, experience great conditions, and have a whale of a time with friends and family.

Your golf property is so much more than the course, the clubhouse, and maintenance area. Your property is the destination for a grand golf experience. Whether it is 9 holes, 18 holes, or a full day of swings, your golfers arrive with expectations. Each and every one of them want to enjoy something special.

There is a group of golfers, whether members or just loyal players that truly like your facility more than others and make it a consistent destination. Because of their frequency, they also have become your best clients: the top 20 percent of people who play golf at your club. This post is about them, and how you and your team can develop a greater set of service standards for these game changers.

 The top 20 percent of your golfers deserve a very high level of service. They, in fact, deserve a level of service that is better than anyone else receives. They are called game changers because they play more frequently, spend more money, and bring more guests and overall business to the club. They truly like you better than all the rest, so you should respond in kind by doing extraordinary things for each of them. Here are six thoughts about service for these game changers:

1)    It is vital that everyone on your staff knows these people by name. That includes all part-time people as well as new staff members. This is essential.

2)    Develop a mission statement of standards for this group. Once it is established, teach it to staff. You may want to create a laminated business card with the list for the staff.

3)    Create unique events and situations for your top 20 percent. From special golf tournaments to closed door shopping events, from special trips to unique food experiences, as well as other ideas, build a calendar where these people know how you feel and understand the time and attention you and your staff are carving out for them.

4)    If playing better is important to them, develop a personal instruction plan that is right for each. Build a draft of a plan, discuss it with your clients, and implement what they approve.

5)    Engage with the entire family of these game changers. Make each of their family members feel welcome, feel special. The more you do for their families, the more loyalty you are creating with your game changers.

6)    Because these people truly drive your business, develop an internal strategy where you and the team work to say yes much of the time. Going the extra mile should become the standard operating practice for these men and women.

Every member, every golfer is important. I will never argue this point. At the same time, I believe developing a unique service framework for the top 20 percent of your clients is vital to the health of your club. Spending time to make this group very happy will pay off for the long-term health and success of your property.

Jack Dillon writes the highfives series and is a speaker and writer based in Orlando. He has been in the golf industry for 45 years.  Have Jack speak at your next meeting, in order to bring practical, game-changing knowledge to your team. Reach him at 407-973-6136.


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