Highfives: Insourcing ups the service game

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The golf course is truly a pure service play. The role of the entire team is to create and execute an experience that is personal, fun and memorable. It is about providing unique person-to-person service for each member & guest, so they get to enjoy the game while they develop a long-term loyalty to you and your property.

In my opinion, the right, hand-picked people create the best personal service. At the same time, it is having the right team members who understand how it all works who will make your property extraordinary.

Today, I am suggesting that in addition to thoroughly developing each person in their role, you develop a flexible force that is willing to move around when necessary, to provide great, seamless service for any situation.

Many organizations today outsource many functions: customer service, accounting, shipping, etc. I am suggesting that you instead move several team members around to learn and work in other roles, so you gain flexibility on busy days and during very slow days — while building empathy among the entire team.When one staff member does another role, they realize the complexity and stress in it.

"Insourcing" asks you to create a service team that can handle any situation, crisis or event. When you have smart team members who are willing to say yes, your club can achieve service levels far beyond those of most properties.

Here are five thoughts about creating the best in people and strategy:

1) Educate the team on the idea, so they can buy into moving around as a way to serve the organization, the members and the team. Continue to communicate this mission.

2) When you are hiring people, make certain they understand how your club operates, and that they are willing to play different roles when necessary.

3) Set up a rewards system to build extra pay for individuals who are willing participants, as well as team rewards when the property has an extraordinary month or quarter. People will do more when they are rewarded for sacrificing and doing extra for the team.

4) Meet once a quarter to discuss the program: strengths, weaknesses and necessary changes that will be made to the plan so all can benefit.

5) Hire a golf professional who is willing to own the golf shop, and put that into the offer. When the golf professional owns the shop, you will have a level of care, concern and effort you would never see otherwise. The golf professional will create a golf shop the club will be proud of, the members will endorse and utilize, and you will reap the benefits from as this will become the real service hub of the entire property, providing an amazing service attitude for all.

Insourcing is about building a team that is willing and able to be flexible when necessary in order to help the property and each other. When the team goes all out for each other, for the members, the guests and for you, it can provide a very unique energy. Remember to make the rewards program and recognition piece important parts of your plan. Keep communicating the mission so all will continue to understand the why.

Jack Dillon writes the Highfives blog and is a speaker and writer based in Orlando, Fla. He has been in the golf industry for 45 years. Have Jack speak at your next meeting, in order to bring practical, game-changing knowledge to your team - 407-973-6136.

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