High fives: 5 thoughts on the PGA show

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Here we are, already into the new year.  With a strong economy and jobs' story, there is great hope that golf will find a solid place in this year of plenty.  This is a special time of year for many in this business: for the sun belt clubs, the true season has begun.  For the next three months golfers from the north will be swinging, eating, and drinking at courses in California, Arizona, and Florida.  It is the "holiday" season for these areas, as they become the oasis' of golf.  This is also a special time because the annual PGA Show is set to happen next week.  It is a grand time for the industry as new products, new brands, and old friends come into one Orlando building to play.  The PGA Show is a great place to see the latest and greatest.  It is also the place to see everything and everyone.  If you plan to go, have a plan.  The long days go by fast and to do lists never seem to get done.  Here are 5 thoughts on the PGA Show (from a former buyer):

  1. Make sure you have your PGA Show credentials and the Buyers' Guide early.  You'll want to know how to find vendors you need and want to see.  Map out each day.
  2. Schedule your day.  This includes meetings outside the event, as well as before & after the event.  Use your smartphone well.  Have every key cell phone number you'll need for texting.
  3. Schedule appointments.  I am sure you have a mission.  To have a solid show, it is important to use your time well.  Setting appointments will save time standing around waiting for that person you want to see.
  4. Be sure to spend time with vendors who do not have area representation.  You can see the big brand people at home, but the interesting, small and new brands are at the Show to be seen.  Map them out and stop by.
  5. The real action is in the hotels after each day.  Get out of your room and find out where the golf people play.  Meet everyone!
  6. (bonus) Do all you can, near the Convention Center.  The less time you spend in the car, the more time you will have to meet the great people in this amazing industry.  I will see you soon!

  The PGA Show is not the place to do significant buying.  It is however, the place to meet people, plan a better golf shop, and make purchases for those special brands and products that will make your shop stand out as never before.  Members want to see new and different.  The PGA Show is that place to tweak your mind, move away from the norm and show your members a very special shop in what might just be a very special season.  So to those in the sunbelt, I say enjoy this go-go time of year, and to all of you coming to the PGA Show......know it is 27* in Orlando this morning.  Bring a jacket!  Have FUN!!


Jack Dillon writes the highfives blog.  Jack is a golf expert, a Toastmaster and professional speaker and brand builder.  You can reach Jack at 407-973-6136 or on the Convention floor next week.



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