The Great Opportunity

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No doubt we live in times people will remember and write about for years and years. From the very start of COVID-19 in early 2020, the world has felt as if it had slipped off its axis, spinning out of control. Besides the enormous tragedy of the pandemic, there are situations that are extremely unique against the backdrop of what we once considered normal life. One of the amazing upheavals during this time has been the Great Resignation. In 2021 more than 20 million people left a job and walked out with no immediate next move on their horizon. Who does that? Well, lots of folks, and it continues as people are emboldened, maybe just fed up, by the work, having courage by the millions of others who also walked away. In the first few months of this great resignation, only the total numbers were presented: monthly numbers, starting in August of 2021. We have now learned that Boomers were a critical part of this dramatic shift. The difference, however, is that unlike the others, Boomers desired no next step: they retired in order to end their careers or take on a part-time role just to remain active.

Millions of Boomers retreating to home base is a real change in the work landscape. For the golf property it is also, I believe, an opportunity. Whether you are looking to add players to the daily tee sheet or part time staff or both, Boomers can be a quality answer. They can be a new, steady revenue source as additional rounds or as new team members, filling in when you need additional help and support. Here are three thoughts about how Boomers can support your property in 2022:

  1. Boomers can be solid team members: hiring people who have been in the workforce for 40 or more years can bring real benefits to the club. The benefits include people who can get to work early, people who can handle stress and pressure as a matter of course, and folks who will show gratitude for this new opportunity. There are many commonsense reasons to fill in your staffing gaps with older experienced professional workers.
  2. Boomers have the time, assets, and flexibility to become steady customers: building early morning clinics for the older clients can be a revenue source for the slow mornings on the range. Turning these folks into steady golfers will be an additional ongoing revenue stream as well. Boomers will show up, have some fun, and maybe even play nine after the clinic, creating even more revenue.
  3. Boomers are reliable and steady, no matter the task: If you plan to hire a few Boomers as team members know they can have a positive effect of your team. Although they will move with deliberation, they will be a calming asset to the property. They know how to handle situational issues.

Boomers are at home, looking for things to try, people to meet. They do not need a great deal of convincing to try something new. There is also a sense of urgency that exists in Boomers that others may not possess. Many of these retired folks were once senior managers, leaders in their field; it is therefore important to know that if you decide to create programs to add more people to your team or tee sheet, the staff should respect them as a person and not an old person. The Great Resignation has found many Boomers at home, searching for something fun and creative to try. As you plan out your team roster, looking to fill all areas, think about Boomers. If given the opportunity, chances are they will never again be a part of the next resignation. Treat them as a true member of your team and feel your blood pressure come down. 

Jack Dillon writes the In My Opinion post. Jack is a speaker, consultant, coach, content producer and writer. Jack’s new book Jump the Line, 101 Lessons for Professional Success is available now. Jack is ready to support your club by building a better team, a better shop through a communications redo. Jack is a Toastmaster and expert communicator. Contact Jack at 407-973-6136 or e-mail him at:

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