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The world continues to frighten us, unnerve us, and keep us off our game. Although our thoughts and attention are on another part of the world today, we have watched COVID move off the front page, away from the first news story of the day. Do I dare say that the pandemic is slowing down, fading away from the grand worry it has been since March of 2020? We all hope we each, with total confidence, can be with our friends, moving around town without a mask, all the while feeling like we will not be called out for jeopardizing the local citizenry. It feels as if we are moving forward, that we are going about our business as we did in 2019, 2018, etc. Although not yet totally confident, I can say that where I live, life as we knew it is returning. On the other hand, tee sheets are full in Florida, people are out and about, and even $4.00 gas is not preventing people from exercising their freedom to experience life again.

The game continues to blossom. Equipment sales are growing and going higher. As long as there is inventory, that inventory is moving off the shelves. The big change, however, is in the fact that we are not going back to work and play, but forward to a new day—a new era, in fact. Workers are moving forward. The government incentives are behind us and people, although looking for better work, are moving forward too. This post is about making your property a better place in which to work, to serve, and to present an experience your customers feel is demonstrably different and better. Here are three ideas for building a better workplace as the new season approaches:

  1. Go forward and rebuild your standards, training and incentives for the team: create a blank page to begin, in building a better place to work. Throw out the poor rules from the past and adopt rules that work for your people, for your property. Examine and update your policies and standards.
  2. Play the long game: review your pay package for every position. People are quitting every day for better jobs everywhere. Do all that you can to create a pay package that can hire better people and then retain those people. In addition to the paycheck, look at a potential bonus plan, based on each role, hours worked, and property results. There are many creative incentives that can work but money for most people will keep their attention, especially with the current cost of living challenges.
  3. Talk to your team, a lot: set up a communications plan with your manager that provides one-on-one time with every team member, every week. Listening to people, respecting their work, their ideas, and their time is, I believe, a fantastic way to build a first-rate team. Recognize your people, talk with them and spend a great deal of time listening to them. If you and your managers show true care and concern for them, I believe they will offer the same to your members and guests. No matter their role, their age, or hours, respect every person on staff.

Going forward, post-pandemic, is more than moving past masks, sanitizers and 6 feet of separation—it means a better day for the team, the managers, and the members. With The Great Resignation looming everywhere, improving your standards can result in a property that not only remains busy, but builds an amazing upsell story through care, concern, and game-changing rewards. Do all you can to hire better and then retain your best in 2022. The game is thriving, and all lights are green. Moving forward with less than a full staff, post-pandemic, will not play well with members and guests. Put a full team, a strong team on the field, and then allow them to play their best. 

Jack Dillon writes the In My Opinion post for Golf Inc. Jack has been in golf since 1973. He is an expert in operations, purchasing, merchandising and building a better team through communications. Jack is an author and speaker. His new book Jump the Line: 101 Lessons for Professional Success is a great read for young professionals. Jack is open for business, ready to help you and your property. Contact Jack at 407-973-6137 or jackd@careerdividends.com. Jack lives in Florida and on Zoom.

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