Game improvement: an operational mission

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One of the goals for so many golfers is to improve, to get better and smarter about the game, about their game. Golf, the most challenging of sports, provides golfers with the quest of building a strong game through game improvement. As new golfers, we want to improve, to earn our spot on the tee, and to join better players for a round. After our game has matured, we may look to tear down our game, to examine and improve each area in order to create an internal confidence with external exuberance, securing a lifetime of amazing shots, lower scores, and a deep self-satisfaction.

As you continue to create ideas to improve your property for today and the future, think about that same idea of game improvement for the operation. This business of golf is more dynamic than ever and so is your property. There are more distractions for your golfers, coupled with seemingly ever increasing operational costs for you. Any time my businesses suffered in the past, I would look at the three areas vital to me: people, structure, and product. Much of the time it was my people that needed improvement or change. This post is about ways to improve your day to day. When managers walk onto the same property every day: the issues, the staleness may not be apparent. At times you might need fresh eyes to see the issues that require attention. This post provides 5 thoughts on knowing where to look, how to improve the staff and each team member:

1)    Begin with a total team review. Do you have the right people? In their proper role? Are there people on the team that must go? If yes, identify them and do it quickly.

2)    Make certain every person that serves the front of the house has high energy, exhibits authentic enthusiasm about your property, and understands their role, their place on the team. People with high energy and large, happy smiles will help grow your business

3)    Once you have done a complete staff review, making necessary changes, create a property master class for all. Building a curriculum might include a story of the mission, the goals, and the general financials of the property, coupled with specific classes on every role at the club. Never allow a staff member to serve with only their internal knowledge and experience. All should go through your master class, no exceptions

4)    Be sure to work with every staff member, making certain they know the goals and the specific business mission. If people do not get it, take them through the program again

5)    Just as with building or tweaking a golf game, improving the team includes educating all about the specific areas of growth, your expectations, and areas where each team member can improve. Improving a golf game means more than just hitting balls, while improving your property is more than people sitting in class. It is not about training; it is about retention. Also, drill down the teaching to the specific work day, and how “real life” works.

 Building a wonderful golf property starts with a good product, smart people, and a good plan. After that it is about a million changes and adjustments that must be made in order to keep up with the calendar, the community, and the competition. Improving the execution game of every staff member can keep your golf club high on the list of places to play in your area. There are certainly many factors that contribute to success, with a strong, happy team being near the top of the list. Improve the staff in order to improve the bottom line, and work on it a bit every day, realizing it is a never ending quest for a better score.

Jack Dillon is an Orlando-based writer of the highfives series and is a speaker and an expert in hospitality, merchandise and people coaching. He has been in this industry for more than 45 years. Contact him at 407-973-6136.

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