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It’s not just about making a profit, its about creating an enjoyable experience.

For those of a certain age, including this blogger, this might be the title of a hit song by the Beach Boys from the 60’s, but for the sake of this article, it is more about building the golfer experience at clubs everywhere. For many years I have believed that golf has become less about the game, the golfer, the experience, and more about the business, especially the monthly P & L statement. To be specific: it is less about the fun! While I am not telling you to forget about making money, I am suggesting many properties can do more to focus on the experiences around the game of golf, in addition to operating the club efficiently, profitably.

This highfives post presents five thoughts for bringing a more personal, fun experience to all who play and learn at your club. As you plan your monthly calendar for 2020, the time may be right to step back and find areas where you and your team can create new ways to make a round feel better, while at the same time provide every person with the thought that five hours spent with your team, on your course, will always be the better investment. Here are five ideas to think about and test as the snows melt this spring:

  1. Create a few major events over the first two months of the season where you show all, the many assets of the club and team. Set up events on several days and evenings during the early season to: get people onto the property, tell them about learning programs, special golf events, and other occasions that will present your club as the fun place to be
  2. Building momentum in the early part of the year is important to the total business year. Getting people to the golf course in early spring will help add rounds all year long. Do everything you can to create events, contests, and special rounds that will excite your base, showing them fun in as many ways as you and your team can create
  3. If golfers play better, they will play more often. Set up a consistent calendar of no and low-cost group lessons to get people motivated, and to improve their game. When your club is the teacher, how could they play any other course?
  4. Bring people together with food and drink. Set up a calendar of events that are fun, down to earth, and inexpensive for your customers. Because the beginning of the year is the major catalyst for success, front load the season with a few magical events
  5. Be sure to include your team in any and all planning. At the same time please be generous with bonus money, and bonus time off when your team goes the extra mile working these fun events and adding success to that P & L statement.

As with any new success, creating an atmosphere and a program of fun takes work, lots of work from the entire team. As the leader, it is important to stress an upbeat experience, and then remind your team every day. Reminding the team what you expect is as important as any original training event. The game should be fun for all who play it. We need to remind ourselves that the customer experience holds real value for success each and every day. Although that song title was not about golf, I believe when there is a great plan with strong support from the team, your golfers will absolutely feel a warmth and an attitude that can keep your club in the black all season long. Make it FUN! Thank you.

Jack Dillon is an Orlando-based writer of the highfives series and is a speaker and an expert in hospitality, merchandise and people coaching. He has been in this industry for more than 45 years. Contact him at 407-973-6136.

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